Wednesday, 31 March 2010

agility report – Kostelany Czech rep.

Here you have a lot of reports, photos, videos about the agility event in Czech rep. Held in Kostalany the 21st of march 2010.
Reports  report1   report2  report3
photos gallery1  gallery2
Here you can find some videos of the event link
other videos
Elen a Crazy     by matumaking

Darinka+AgátkaNeoficiálky Kostelany 20.3.2010 by agidenny

Betka+Julča   by agidenny

video Flurry+Meggy-Neoficiální závody agility Kostelany 20.3.2010
by agidenny

agility report – Kutina Croatia

Here you have the results and videos of the agility event held on the 28th of march in Kutina , Croatia
results link
thanks to

videos     by ModraPanda

by ModraPanda

agility video report - Steinheim Germany

Here you have some videos of the agility event in Steinheim Germany the 27th of march 2010 link

Agility Steinheim - Claudia and Isy 1st and 2nd run       by ScottisSeite

Agility Steinheim Claudia and Tyson A2 Midi

Agility Steinheim Claudia and Ole A3

Obedience results – 21 march Campo Airbor - Viarigi (AT) Italy

Here you have the results of the obedience event held on the 21 march Campo Airbor - Viarigi (AT) in Italy link

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

dog dance report - 3.International dog dance turnir in Waldheimat Austria

Here you have some videos of the 3.International dog dance turnir held in Waldheimat , Austria the 21st of march 2010

Hippi's first full routine Music: "Dwarf Cave" Composer: Attila Héger  
by k9freestyler

Pami 1st time in class 2                by Szecsuani

II Competition Qualification for the World Agility Championships 2010, Poland

24-25 april, 2nd Competition Qualification for the World Agility Championships 2010 Czeladz ,Poland

video Czeladz Agility 2009
by diamondjef

Obedience report - Kerkwijk March 21, 2010 Netherlands

Here you have the results, photos and videos of the obedience event held on the 21st of march in Kerkwijk ,Netherlands
results link

photos link
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Anneke en Twice Klas A          by jenkelabots

Brigitte en Juna Klas B 

Obedience B-Class  by topdoggy17

Monday, 29 March 2010

agility report - Łąck Poland

Here you have videos of the agility Qualification for the World Cup and World Championship event  in Łąck , Poland the 20th and 21st of march 2010

Sonya Kaczmarczyk and Mrs. Zu-Zu from Porządnej Rodziny LA Open Sunday 21/03/2010 Lack debut
by Figo2506

Karolina & Boogie           by Figo2506

Aries i Bożena          by agilitykatowice

ETOILE with Witcher Stables and Agnes Kunkel  Agility Belgian Shepherd, 21/03/2010 Lack 5th place           by AgnieszkaKunkel

flyball video report of 21 march Phoenix-Anfängerturnier in Heiden , Germany

Here you have some videos about the flyball event in Heiden ,Germany

The Flying Dragons (Flyballmannschaft of dogpoint-brs) was the second time last Sunday at the beginner and Funturnier in Heiden and again had lots of fun! Knut
by Fliegenderdrache1

Flying Dragon video       by Fliegenderdrache1

HOT BOTTOMS 1st tournament          by jesman193

frisbee video report - Dog paradise CUP in Budakalász,Hungary

Here you have some videos about the Kutyaparadicsom Korong Kupa held in Budakalász,Hungary the 20th of march 2010

Super Pro Toss & Fetch 1st place 19.5 points 1st round, 2nd round 20 total points 39.5 points              by royalblau77

Terreur MAsquée Bouchon in frisbee competition. Super Pro Toss &; Fetch 4th round 1st place 17.5 points, 2nd round 15 points, 32.5 point total
by royalblau77

terreur Masquée Bouchon in Quadrupped. He got 2nd place!!!      by royalblau77

Sunday, 28 March 2010

agility – 24 april Hafan Cup 2010 in Cifer ,Slovakia

On 24 april the Canis Cífer Club cordially invites you to a race called agility Hafan Cup 2010 and I 3.majstrovstvá FCI group, Cifer , Slovakia

Alexandra Slezáková and Bala guilder Land (Sunny), agility Hafan Cup 2009 race and the 2nd SR Championship 1st FCI group Cífer. by sunrisenex

ARKAN Bambabibi - Hafan Cup 2009  by ArkanBambabibi

obedience - 9th to 11th april working dogs for utility CUP in Spain

From 9th to 11th of april the Real Sociedad Canina de España organize the “XV COPA DE ESPAÑA DE TRABAJO PARA PERROS DE UTILIDAD “ in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

informations ,

video Haizaldi Kosman of the Defense Section of the Selective de Andalucia, 2010 (RSCE). Qualifying for the National Championship Working Dog "section CUP SPAIN". Held in Torremolinos (Malaga) on 13/02/2010.
by pacohaizaldi

dog trekking in april 2010 in Czech rep.

Dog trekking events in Czech rep. in April

8th to 11th april the Chribsky dog trekking organize a 85km and 40km dog trekking event in Roštín, camp Heater Czech rep.
22- 25 april the Krušnohorci dog trekking organize the Krušnohorci v Českém středohoří 90 km event in osada Zdravotník, Úštěk Czech rep.

video Palus San Marco in the forest of Somadida with “ Malamute'S FRIEND“ 13 sep 2009       by ivn12365

sled dog report – genesis tour 2010 Czech rep.

Here you have results and photos about the sled dog event Genesis tour 2010 held in Czech rep. the 14th to 17th of march 2010.

results link
photos link

Saturday, 27 March 2010

agility report – Large cup 2010

Here are the results of the agility Large Cup 2010 in Switzerland
results link
informations about the event here

some videos
Official Competition Agility 4th + Channel and Finale of "Agility Large Cup" in Fräschels,
March 20, 2010
by Buchscatherine

Gizmo & Roger         by rogerrabbit1978
Jumping &Agility Run
Placement Jumping = 14
Placement Agility = 10
Cup placement after 4th Meeting: 5

canicross - First competitions Baltic Cup 2010 Lithuania

1st and 2nd may sled dog event "KAUNAS CUP MAYOR District" to be held in Kaunas area, Jadagoniai
Races will be played at IFSS rules and the "Baltic Cup" with regulations.
Category and class:
1.DCW - canicross women
2.DCM - canicross men
3.BJW - bikejoring women ("Open" and "Nordic")
4.BJM - bikejoring men ("Open" and "Nordic")
5.DS2 - 2 dog scooters / velokamanas ("Open" and "Nordic")
6.DR4 - 4 dogs velokamanas ("Open" and "Nordic")
7.DR6 - 6 dogs velokamanas ("Open" and "Nordic")
8.DCC - child canicross

read more here    link2
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video Some moments from Dog Sleds Baltic Cup 2009 Kernave         by Z1lvinas

flyball – complete calendar 2010 Belgium

Here you can find the 2010 flyball event complete calendar for Belgium link
thanks to 

video Short clip of Flyball demonstration at the Eurodogshow Kortrijk Belgium 2009  
by hondenbe

Friday, 26 March 2010

dog dance report - Libušský pohár Czech rep.

On 20th march Czech rep. held dog dance event called Libušský pohár here you have links with photos , results and videos.
more informations here 

Libušský Cup - 20.3.2010 Arlinka - Advanced category - 1st place. :-)
by preberry

Libušský pohár – biginner 8th place 
by fromdogacademy

Junior 2nd place by fromdogacademy

flyball 11 april in Germany

On 11th of april HSF-Degerloch held the 2nd Degerloch Flyball Tournament (1.Lauf/BW Cup) in Degerloch / Baden-Württemberg , Germany link

informations link

video Wizz the English Shepherd Flyball Training @ Lightning Strikes Flyball Club  
by breezebordercollie

agility events in april and may 2010 , UK

April 2nd -5th UKA Easter Salters Hill, Tewkesbury, Glos. link
April 9th – 11th Thatcham Mapledurham,  Reading.  RG4 7TR link
April 17th & 18th  Stonebridge Agility Spring Show Prested Hall, Kelvedon, Essex, CO5 9EE link
April 24th & 25th Patanden Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire. SO51 9ZE link
April 30th – May 2nd GT Agility Newbury Showground, Newbury,  Berks,RG18 9QZ link

May 8th & 9th HJ Agility Witney Rugby Ground, Witney Road, Hailey, Oxon. OX29 9UH link
May 14th -16th IFCS World Cup The Hand Equestrian Centre, Clevedon, Bristol link
May 22nd  Phoenix Agility Club Langford Veterinary School, Langford, North Somerset
BS40 5DU link
May 29th  – June 4th Quad Paws Week Mapledurham,  Reading.  RG4 7TR link

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video Drift training at Trent Park 22/3/10        by kirisox

agility report – KC Chippenham UK

Some videos about the agility event held in Chippenham , UK the 21st of march 2010

2nd place at KC Chippenham march 2010.  
by lolly163

Nancy and Zeki Chippenham
by just01todd

canicross report - 1st Rasos Race , Spain

Here you can find results and photos of the 1st Rasos canicross race held in Spain the 20th and 21st of march 2010.

volgacanicross link link

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

sled dog Hamar report on

5-7 march 2010 there was the trial World Championship for pulka, sled sprint and MD at Hamar. It was great weater and good conditions all weekend, and participants from many countries...
read more at you can find results , photos and more...)

video Sunday 7/3 sled dog racing at GÅsbu Hamar Norway. Glimps of the different activities. Both a classes and pure bred classes. And masstarts in 4-dog class, wich ended a bit chaotic with teams flipping when trail narrowed in. And the dogs did not want to go out on the 3 rounds and pass the trail to the parkinglot...
by NayLaChee

rally Obedience report – 20 march SV OG Lengede , Germany

Here you have some videos of the rally obedience event held the 20 and 21 march at Sv OG Lengede

Merit with Róka Class 2 at the 1 RallyObedience tournament in Lengede, 194Punkte and daily winners RO2             by MayaAussie

Achim with Lando Class 2 at the 1 RallyObedience tournament in Lengede, 84Punkte, CL

Testing: Rally Obedience Class 1 (judge: Henk Boer)
by mudimonster

dog dance – Super Dance Dog 2010 Prague, Czech rep.

The 1st and 2nd of may in Výstaviště Letňany, Hala B2 , Prague , Czech rep.
Held Super Dance Dog 2010

video Andy at the Super Dance dog 2009 (biginner / freestyle 4th place)
by sandrablackwolf

agility Junior and senior CUP in Finland

Finnish Agility Association organizes an annual one member of two clubs with ikäsarjakilpailua. JunioriCup is intended for children under the age of 18 instructors, and SenioriCup 50 years of age or older.
Dates and more information here

first junior cup event
Finland Kromfohrländer Association 25.4.2010 link

first senior cup event
Agility Team Turku 4.-5.4.2010 link

video Trofeo città di Roma - Joyce e Astrid nella prova di Agility senior - 20 giugno 2009 
by camelotdogSUE

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

sled dog report by Zadov Cup , Czech rep.

On you can find this video report about skijoring , sled dog Championship race in Skiareal Zadov, Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic.

By hanyinfo

Sheepdog trials 2010 complete calendar , New Zeland

The New Zeland Sheep dog association have published the complete 2010 sheepdog trials events in New Zeland with all informations link 

thanks to

video A sheep dog herds sheep near Wanaka, New Zealand  by astrobc

Crufts report by

On you can find the report about Heelwork to Music Crufts 2010 event.

translated page here


Sunday 4th April 2010 at Gaerwen Farm, Dwyran, Anglesey, LL61 6AX , UK
FOOD and TOYS allowed in the ring
These fun classes will not be formally judged however they will have one or more
people observing who will be able to give special awards as appropriate. There will
also be experienced handlers available to observe your routines and provide you
with feedback if you wish.
More information here
entry form link

video  Lovely performance by Kath Hardman with Spice at Crufts 2010                                     by elfasileopard

Obedience – complete calendar 2010 Belgium

Here you can find the complete calendar 2010 for the obedience events in Belgium
here is the page translated in English link

video Django had 97pt in tracking, 96 in obedience and unfortunately , did an extra bite during the side transport ... 88 points .... for total of 281 and 21st place overall                    by OtVitosha

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