Monday, 31 May 2010

agility 5-6 june Cecina , Italy

A.C. Agility DogCecina organize on the 5th and 6th june 2010 at the Centro Ippico “il Paiolo” in Cecina, twoNational CAC eventsAgility Dog. 
closing date for registrations 31st of may 2010
More informations here 

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4' gara ENCI Cecina 6-06-09
by ferraandrea

Sheepdog 12-13 june herding dog special "border" Glatigny ,France

The weekend of 12 and 13 June, 
a national competition of herding dog special "border" 
will be held at Glatigny (near the Hague well), the education center canine Etang-Bertrand.
Saturday, June 12:Confirmation hearing 
Sunday, June 13:National Competition "special border" 

more informations here 

Lady Julie: Mühlviertelmeisterschaft, sheepdog trial
by synve1

Firsbee / disc dog 2nd report 30 may DCDC Wrocław, Poland

Here you have the 2nd report with some videos of the disc dog event in Wrocław,Poland on the 30th of may 2010

videos toss & fetch

Paula & Wena
by elzazbandygrandy

Aga &Felka
by ausauras

Borys & Bandzioch
by ausauras

videos mini distance
by TauraDino

Agility report 29 may Leonberg , Germany

Here you have a report some videos about the agility event in Leonberg in Germany at the SV / OG Leonberg-Eltingen e.V. On the 29th of may 2010

report by link 

Agility: Turnier in Leonberg am 29.05.2010
by ScottisSeite

Ole im A3
by ScottisSeite

Scotti A2
by ScottisSeite

Isy A1 
by ScottisSeite

Canicross complete calendar 2010 Germany

Here you have the complete canicross , bikejoring , dog trekking calendar events in Germany 2010

calendar link 

Canicross en Moralzarzal
by korbiyo

Sunday, 30 May 2010

frisbee 1st video report 29 may DCDC Wrocław , Poland

Here you have the 1st video report about the frisbee / disc dog event in Wrocław , Poland held on the 29th of may 2010

Purina Dog Chow Disc Cup - Wrocław 2010
by piotrnozka1988

Marysia & Bonus
by elzazbandygrandy

Ewka & Hak
by elzazbandygrandy

Monika & Zip
by elzazbandygrandy

Agnieszka & Kala

rally obedience complete calendar 2010 Norway

Here you have the complete calendar 2010 about rally obedience events in Norway
calendar link 
Rally-lydighet, Tanja og Robin,19 04 09,stevne2
by kmkahr

agility report 22 -24 may Kingsmoor Cup , Danmark

Here you have the results and videos about the agility event in Danmark Ribe Hundevenner's Kingsmoor Cup 2010 held on the 22nd of may to the 24th of may 2010
results here  and here
Chip's finaleløb til Kingsmoor Cup 2010

by chiplucky1

Lucky's finaleløb til Kingsmoor Cup 2010
by chiplucky1

Toxy ag åben søndag- Ribe maj 2010
by lenetoxy

agility 5 june Murska Sobota , Slovenia

On the 5th of june the ŠKD Ljutomer organize the 2nd agility CUP event in Slovenia in Murska Sobota.
More informations here  and here

Alaskan malamute-Aska agility (A/1)-ŠKD Ljutomer-Križevci,24.4.2010
by Askica

agility 6 june LA CHAPELLE BERTRAND ,France

On the 6th of june the Centre Sportif Canin du Thouet – POITOU-CHARENTES held an agility event
more informations here 
Agility Large Team France agility world championship 2008
by duammali

Saturday, 29 May 2010

agility report 22-23 may Chiesina Uzzanese (PT) , Italy

Here you have the results and some videos about the agility event in Chiesina Uzzanese (PT) , Italy organized by Lucca Atgility - Power Paws on the 22nd and 23rd of may 2010

results here 
videos by 
Ciro e Marzia
by Nadiragilityteam

Zorro e Flavio
by Nadiragilityteam

obedience 26 june Mlada Boleslav ,Czech rep.

Breeders of Belgian Shepherds in the Czech Republic invites you to:
From pieces of Obedience associated with Mistrovstvím České republiky 

1st Championship of the Czech Belgických a Australských Ovčáků Belgian and Australian Shepherds
1st Obedience Collie and Sheltie Cup Obedience Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Cup
Date: saturday 26 june
Location: A beautiful meadow area in Mlada Boleslav
Judge: Iveta Skalická
Attendants: Mary and Hana Vágenknechtová Böhme

more informations here 

Uragan poslušnost Mistrovství ČR belgických ovčáků
by dobesvaclav

canicross TDM 2010 7-15 august , France

Trophy Mountains (TDM) 2010: 11 stages over nine days, the biggest event Canicross outside Europes Championships (ECF) and the World (IFSS).
Participants of all levels: as anonymous champions of all ages: children and adults of all nationalities: French, Belgian, Swiss, Czech ...
more informations here 

Canicross TDM 2009
by superyann64

sheepdog 12-13 june Mühlviertel, Austria

12th and 13th June 2010
sheep dog trial in Mühlviertel Austria
Mühlvierteltrial Klasse 1 und 2

more informations here 

sheepdog demo in Rome ,Italy
by RoPoMu

Friday, 28 May 2010

flyball report 22 may MED's TROPHY , Pilsen / Plzeň Czech rep.

Here you have the results and videos about the flyball event in Czech rep. MED's TROPHY in Pilsen / Plzeň  the 22nd of may 2010
results here 

Alea na M.E.D.´s Trophy
by Judyttcz

Flyballové závody - M.E.D.´s Trophy, Plzeň - 22.5.2010
by Melounek87

Flíček Plzeň 2010
by PetaSkapy

mondioring 20 june Tomar . Portugal

Tofeu of Mondioring K'Negras - June 20
The club's Canine K Black, holds its proof mondioring, on June 20, 2010, by 9:00 a.m. in the city of Tomar, place Vale Florido, S. Pedro ( junto de uma fábrica  de nome PLATEX ). Pedro (from a plant name PlateX).

more informations here 
Mondioring Portugal best 2009
by caribept

dog dance seminar 7-11 june Bremen Germany

On the 7th of june starts an intensive dog dance week at Dog City Bremen in Bremen ,Germany
5 days Dogdance-For beginners or advanced, individuals or dog trainers who want to improve their skills for the division Dogdance / Trick Training Obedience in her.
More informations here 
Dogdance, Hundemesse Winterthur, 03 Feb 2008

frisbee /disc dog 12-13 june Czech DiscDog Open Nymburk , Czech rep.

Czech DiscDog Open - USDDN qualifier - 4th Czech Dogfrisbee chapionship.
Date: 12-13.6.2010
Place: Hasičské hřiště u zimního stadionu Nymburk
Organizer: DiscDog klub ČR, Létající psi Nymburk, Superpes Lysá nad Labem andZKO Nymburk

more informations here 

Czech DiscDog Open 2010 - INVITATION
by DiscDogCZ

Thursday, 27 May 2010

agility report 22-23 may TALAVERA DE LA REINA (Toledo) , Spain

Here you have the results and videos about the agility event “ Campeonato de España 2010" held in TALAVERA DE LA REINA (Toledo) , Spain the 22nd and 23rd of may 2010
results here 
KIKO de Rafal Fernández
by agilitero

by amikoke

by marcrg666

Luna Jumpin
by hopluna

 Luna Agility
by hopluna

agility report 22 may Slovenska Bistrica , Slovenia

Here you have results and some videos about the agility event in Slovenska Bistrica held at the KD Slovenska Bistrica on the 22nd of may 2010

results here
Agility Slovenska Bistrica
by tamc089

by Mashie666

Tani's First Official Competition
by xsarcika

rally obedience video report 16 may Grosuplje , Slovenia

Here you have some videos about the rally obedience event in Grosuplje at the KD Grosuplje ,Slovenija held on the 16th of may 2010

Kelpie Raa , 1st place
by boksilona

Lona doing Rally O I 11th place
by boksilona

Cosmo doing Rally O II 4th place
by boksilona

rally obedience complete calendar 2010 Sweden

Here you have the complete rally obedience events calendar 2010 in Sweden
calendar link 
Rally-O wedstrijd met Ninja in Leeuwarden
by 860913001

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

agility report 21-23 may CASSOVIA CUP 2010 , Slovakia

Here you have results and some videos about the agility event CASSOVIA CUP 2010 at the KK Anička Košice, Slovakia held on the 21st of may to the 23rd of may 2010
results here 
Tóth Ági, Blade jumping
by nagyrichardmark

Bíró Zsófi, Scilla agility
by nagyrichardmark

Farkas Katalin, Kleo agility
by nagyrichardmark

Papp Rita Cikk-Cakk agility
by nagyrichardmark

Lakatos Gabi, Tücsök agility
by nagyrichardmark

Nagy Orsi Lina jumping

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