Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2012 flyball events in Belgium

On the official Belgian flyball page are available all the dates of flyball events in Belgium for the 2012.

flyball in Belgium 2012 dates link

High Flyers at the European Flyball Championships 2009, Beerzel, Belgium.
Kiddy Monsters vs High Flyers (SPEED TRIALS)
by highflyersflyball

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

5 questions with : Eva Zwicker

name:Eva Zwicker
sport: disc dog
country: Switzerland

Do you remember your first competition?
Yes, it was a very small competition in Switzerland

Your expectations for 2012
Oh, I don’t know... to have fun with my dogs

Do you think the internet has changed things?
Yes, I think so, because without the internet I wouldn’t write to you, now.

The last book you read
Tribute von Panem

One of the most beautiful moments of your career ?
There were a lot of beautiful moments. Two week ago I had a very beautiful moment.
I had play on judge and play competition in Germany with my Dog Enya. It was a
relaxed atmosphere. I had a good run an much fun. After, the people were very
imperessed and hugged me. I won the competition.

Hundefrisbee-Show Animalia 2010 Eva Zwicker + Enya
by alensoldic

Amadeus Agility World Cup 2011 in LIVE STREAMING!

The Amadeus Agility World Cup again this year as part of the Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors on the stage. From the 2nd to the 4th of December will take place the Amadeus Agility World Cup 2011 . At the “Amadeus Agility World Cup Champions 2011″ in the categories Small, Medium and Large win gold with a total value of around 6000 € (!!!) (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). The first edition was attended by handlers of a certain level as a Friend Hans, Sabrina Hauser, Lisa Frick, Anna Eifert, Rolli Schiltz, Michael Bramesteter …

The Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors will be in LIVE STREAMING on
ClipMyHorse.TV is the leading site with the live-coverages of equestrian and breeding events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 80 events per year on more than 250 days. You can follow the Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen and also the Bundschampionate in Warendorf. But don’t forget to watch the Amadeus Worc Cup 2011 , only if you can’t be present at the event.

more informations here

Agility Betsy 04.12.2010; Amadeus Agility Worldcup 2010
by FlyingDoogs

Monday, 28 November 2011

report: Nordisk Mesterskap 2011 4th Nordic Championship in FS and HTM

This weekend was held the 4th Nordic Championship in Freestyle and Heelwork to Music ( Nordisk Mesterskap 2011) .The event was organized by the Norsk Kennel Klub (Norwegian Kennle Club) and the Norsk Freestyleforening (Norwegian Freestyle Association ).The event took place in Lillestrøm , Norway and wass a part of the Dogs4all event. Dogs4all is the largest dog event in 2011 for the Nordic countries.

Saturday , teams results
1st Denmark (Emmy M Simonsen , Anja Christiansen and Helle Larsen)
2nd Finland (Salla Haavisto,Mari Muhonen , Tanja Pekkalainen , Katja Tamminen )
3rd Swden (Erika Johansson, Susann Wastensson , Monica Gudinge , Ulrika Persson )
4th Norway (Anja M. Schüller , Ine Rosland , Merete Kristensen , Jessica Karlgren)

Sunday , Individual results
Heelwork to music
1st Anja Christiansen (DEN)
2nd Helle Larsen (DEN)
3rd Tanja Pekkalainen (FIN)

1st Sini Eriksson (FIN)
2nd Karolina Pettersson (SWE)
3rd Johanna Allanach (DEN)

complete results are here

Marianna Aas og "Vikki"
by Hundendotno

Nordisk mesterskap i kreativ lydighet på DOGS4ALL.
by norgesvaremesse

Sunday, 27 November 2011

5 questions with : Katrin Bellyeu

name: Katrin Bellyeu
sport: all around
country: Germany
youtube channel : bellyeudogs

The last book you read
i don't know.

Do you dream?

What music are you listening to right now?

What do you think : Is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions?

The last thing you did that made you happy
my dog. every day

Malinois ,,Kerou,,. Ein Hund, der über 100 Tricks kann...
by bellyeudogs

11 dec -Rally-O Torino (ITALY)

On the 11th December the D.U.C.A. organize a rally obedience event in Torino, Italy
deadline 7 december

more informations here

Michelle - Gara Nazionale Rally Obedience 19 giugno 2011 - Unidog
by CinofiliaUnidog

2012 agility events in Germany

In Germany are already prepared with the events of 2012. On you can find the dates of agility events for 2012 in Germany

agility in Germany 2012 link

09-09-13 Agility Blankenheim, A3, Mona Grefenstein & Page van Nikaron
by BelgierPower

Saturday, 26 November 2011

4 dec - Rally-O in Borgsweer (NED)

On the 4th of december the AHOV Hondenschool organize a rally obedience event in Borgsweer (Groningen), Netherlands.
deadline 29th November

more informations here

Rally-O 27 maart 2011 Borgsweer/Sharon met Tosca, Advanced
by metameulenbelt

2012 flyball events in Germany

The has already published the dates of all events in flyball for next season (2012) in Germany.

2012 flyball events in Germany link

Flyball EM Borken 2011
by TurboBeagleEmma

Friday, 25 November 2011

4 dec agility in Herne

On the 4th of december the SV OG Herne 08 organize an agility competition in Herne , Germany.
deadline 30 November

more informations here

1. Agility Nikolausturnier Reitsportzentrum Bladenhorst
by svogherne08

AgilityHalle Rheinau 2012 events

On the (AgilityHalle Rheinau web page) you can already find all the dates of the events at this indoor hall for the 2012. The Agility Halle Rheinau is located in Vilters ,Switzerland.

2012 events link

Monty - Sheltieturnier 2010 - Vilters
by jzagility

Thursday, 24 November 2011

report: 1st round EISKRISTALLCUP 2011/2012

Below are the results and videos of the 1. EISKRISTALLCUP 2011/2012 at the ÖRV STEINERKIRCHEN ,Austria by the First Agility Akademia team (ÖRV Steinerkirchen ) . The event was held on the 19th and 20th of November 2011 in Steinerkirchen ,Austria . This was the first round of four.

all the EisKristall CUP 2011/2012 dates
19-20 November 2011
17-18 December 2011
14-15 january 2012
25-26 february 2012

results here

1.Eiskristallcup Tag 1 A-Lauf open
by LauraAgi

Soey beim 1. Eiskristallcup - 19. + 20.11.2011
by OurDogs2010

Twiss am 2. Tag beim 1. Eiskristallcup - 20.11.2011 (V0, 2 PF)
by OurDogs2010

Juma am 2. Tag beim 1. Eiskristallcup - 20.11.2011
by OurDogs2010

Alice Holt CaniX / 5XC event

On the 3rd and 4th of december you can join the Alice Holt CaniX / 5XC event , a canicross,bikejoring event(5km and 2.5km) in Alice Holt, Farnham Hampshire , UK.

deadline 28th November

This ancient forest is famous for its oak trees which once supplied timber for navy ships. Recently Alice Holt oak has been used to build a replica of Shakespeare's Globe threatre in London.
The cafe will be open for hot food, drinks and snacks. There is also a childrens play ground.

more informations here

Alice holt canix race
by Baztube2011

2012 disc dog events in Hungary

The (the Hungarian disc dog site) have prepared a calendar with all the disc dog events (competitions, seminars) in Hungary . Very nice , check it!!

2012 disc dog eventsin Hungary link

I. Kakucs Cup - Prenner Nóra with Neela
by frankodana

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

2012 sled dog races in Austria

On is available the race calendar of mushing events in Austria for the 2012.

2012 sled dog races in Austria link

sleddog worldchampionship Werfenweng 09 Part 1
by PatrickFrei

RSSC Cup 2011/2012

The RSSC Cup 2011/2012 is extended in the following locations: Angerberg – Sandl – Salla
Anger (Tirol)
date: 17th - 18.12.2011
D, C, approximately 7km
B, SJ, sled about 11 km
A, O, about 16 km
Pulka1, Pulka2, Pulka3, Jöring1 skiing, ski Jöring2,
Jöring3 Ski, Bike Jöring1, D1, D2, D3,
C1, C2, C3, B1, B2, B3, A1, A2, A3, O1, O2, O3

deadline: 9th december

more informations here

Husky Race Angerberg
by blattl48

Border Rush 2012

Border Rush is an international eight-stage sleddog race. The race will be run in Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) in Czech-Poland border region. Trails are prepared and properly marked. There are 8 stages for MID distance classes and 6 stages for SPRINT classes.
Because of technical reason the race is shorten to 4 stages. The race starts on Thursday 5th of January 2012 and finishes on Sunday on 8th of January 2012. Presentation is on Wednesday evening 4th of January 2012 in Jakuszyce.
Classes :
class 12 dogs (7-12 dogs of the pool of 14 in Chip list) MID / SPRINT
class 6 dogs (3-6 dogs of the pool of 8 in Chip list) MID / SPRINT
class Skijöring (1-2 dogs of the pool of 3 in Chip list) MID / SPRINT

more informations here :

Genesis Tour 2009
by KarkonoszeTour

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Santa Claus dogtrekking in Poland

The Rally Obedience Association from Gdańsk (Poland) organize a dog trekking event on the 4th of december in Otomin near Gdańsk.

- LONG - for persistent foot, then the distance about 50 km. (Women start separately, men separately)
- MID - for everyone, this distance about 25 km. (women start separately, men separately)
- FITNESS - for the doubters, the distance about 10 km. (in this category compete with them together women and men)
Individual (10, 25, 50km)
Family 10km and 25km in this category may start any number of family members at least one dog.
Team (10, 25, 50km)

more informations here

DogTrekking Toruń
by byniomajster

2012 agility events in Netherlands

On are available all the dates of Agility competitions to be held in Netherlands in 2012

2012 agility events in Netherlands link here

10-10-2010 de Nevelhorst Jutta en Smilla JP
by els60

2012 sled dog races in Slovakia

On you can find the Slovakian mushing race calendar for the 2012 + other important races.

2012 sled dog events in Slovakia link

European Sleddog Championship Donovaly 2008, SLOVAKIA
by dingo27mobile

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