Friday, 31 December 2010

end of the year

Now is the end of the year, and the time to see what was done and see what to will do next year.
MEMO DOG BLOG  will try to bring you more interviews ,a few new section and trying to obtains more information about events.
These are the bases for a richest 2011.
If you have any proposal for MEMO DOG, feel free and write comments below.
So ,today is the last day of the year and only remains for me to wish you all a happy 2011 full of joy and happy moments
and remember :never give up / never lose hope


Dog tracking in ERCEVILLE , France

On the 8th and 9th of january the Cercle Cynophile de Beauce  organize a dog tracking event in ERCEVILLE , France
more informations here
brevet de pistage français a quessy. (11/09/2010) trait enthrax
trait enthrax. 97/100 .
conducteur : Bernard...
chien : enthrax de tchurka la noire
juge: Mme popineau         by thraxman62

16th january Border Collie Club Netherlands

On the 16th of january the BCCN organize an agility competition valid for the qualifications for Crufts 2011 in Bergen op Zoom , Netherlands
more informations here
deadline 1st of january

30.10.2010 BCCN Anita Jayson Jumping
by TheRunningMates

Thursday, 30 December 2010

interview with a dog trainer: Andrea Deeg

Before the end of the year MEMO DOG gives you another interview. This time it's about agility with a highly respected trainer Andrea Deeg. Enjoy reading

warm up questions for a better star
If a trainer came to you and asked what he could do to become a better dog trainer, what would you tell him?
Never think what you already achieved is enough, but always try to learn something new.

Do you think that you can teach SHAGGY & SCOOBY DOO(warner bros characters) to get in A3? 
Of course, my dogs also run in A3 ;-)

The last Country you have visited?

WM Quali 2010 - Day Jp3     by DfiniundDeeesi


could you tell our readers a little about yourself 
I'm a stressed teacher in Germany – therefore I have to find peace and happiness with my dogs

Tell me a little bit about your start in dog sports?
When I was twelve I wanted to have a cat. Since I'm allergic to cats, my parents decided a dog would be as good as a cat. So they bought a German Shepherd Mix for me. This dog turned out to be very difficult and I could hardly handle it. So I had to join a training class....

Who has influenced you the most when you started doing agility (who inspires you) 
Nobody, because there wasn't anybody who already practised Agility at that time.

Hope a-Lauf WM 2007 - Hamar - 2.Platz by DfiniundDeeesi

You travel around Europe to teach agility. If anyone said it ten years ago what would you have said ?
I would have wondered, why they had fired me from my proper way of earning my living, so that I have to travel around, offering my humble services to anyone who might pay me for it.

You do the seminars only with Remo Müller, explain this union 
Basically it is always helpful to do seminars with two coaches. It is a fact that four eyes see more than two.
Why Remo – he is a person whom I get along veeeerrryyyy well both professionally and in private. His training methods and mine combine almost perfectly and it is a pleasure to work with him.

Why tunnelkrokodil?
Unfortunatelly I have to admit that this is a rather boring story. Some day was asked to handle our school-website. Since I had no real insight into webdesign, I opened a kind of training-area for me to testrun different projects. Since I didn't want to be found on the Net I needed a name with no connection to my person and using a lot of pictures from competitions – with bare-teethed dogs running in and out of tunnels – I came up with TUNNELKROKODIL.

Tell us all about your program /What training techniques do you use when training your dogs?
For me Agility is a challenging sport and I want to achieve good results, but nevertheless the most important thing is, that my dogs and I enjoy to train and compete. I love to see dogs doing agility with a smile on their faces.
I give seminars because I like to spread and share my experience – with nice people.
Training is based on motivation and positive reinforcement of the dogs.
My handling is mostly influenced by the “theory of circles”, trying to stay close with the dogs or do handling in front of the dogs.
But in my opinion there does not exist the one way to handle dogs that fits for all – every team is different and because of this, handling has to be adapted to every team individually.
Day J3 2010 by DfiniundDeeesi

What was your favorite training moment?
I always enjoy the training sessions with my dogs.

visit the page

Hope Grade 6 Jumping    by DfiniundDeeesi

Hope German Classics 2010 Jumping Individual   by DfiniundDeeesi

Hope German Classics 2010 Agility Individual    by DfiniundDeeesi

agility at the Österåkers BK , Sweden

On the 6th to the 8th of january the Österåkers BK organize an agility event in Åkersberga , Sweden
more informations here
deadline 31 dec
Tävling Österåkers BK 1 aug 2009 Agility 1a
by Wellfith


On the 22nd of january the organize the EAST ANGLIAN WINTER SERIES an agility competition in the Hall Farm,Snetterton,Norwich,NR16 2LR , United Kingdom
more informations here 
deadline 31st of december
UK Agility Show       UK AGILITY Beginners Jumping Standard 
11th Dec 2010 East Anglian Winter Series, Hall Farm Snetterton Norwich
by mrssearle

Sleddog 8-9 janaury Italy

On the 8th and 9th of january the CIS (Clu Italiano Sleddog) organize the 5th Trofeo Andrea Arcardini sleddog event in Riva Valdobbia     Val Sesia   (Vc) , Italy.
Classes: sprint and middle distance. 
more informations here
10 gennaio 2010 Riva Valdobbia
by ivn12365

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports presents – “Latvian winter championships 2011” (“Baltic winter cup 2011 – 1st event”).
more informations here
date: 15th of January, 2011
location: Kamparkalns (Talsi)
Skijoring – 1 dog
2 dog sled
4 dog sled6 dog sled
Nordic (if at least 3 entered) and Open classes
Distances ~5 km for all. In case of poor snow conditions, track may go in to 2 loops. Minipulling around 100 m.
All competitors will get diplomas for their respective place; top 3 in each category and class also are awarded prizes.
From 6th of December till 31st of December – 20 EUR (15 LVL) (one category)
From 1st of January till 12th of January – 30 EUR (20 LVL)
baltic cup 2010 Latvia
by huskydotlv

The CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix 2011 calendar

On are avaliable the CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix 2011 events dates.

The CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix 2011 calendar link

Agility WBSDS & GT April/May 2010
by carternm31

rescue dog calendar 2011 France

On is avaliable the French rescue dog events calendar for the year 2011.

rescue dog calendar 2011 France


Chiens de sauvetage aquatique
by MorinFrance

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

agility 2011 calendar Switzerland

On It's avaliable the 2011 agility Swiss events calendar.
Check it!!!

agility calendar 2011 Switzerland link

2. WM-Quali in der Schweiz | 03. Mai '09 | Eva Pfister und Pepper - Agility, Large
by swisspaws

Agria Freestyle Cup final  2010

Here you have the results and some videos about the Agria Freestyle Cup final  2010 held at the Stockholm Hundmässa 2010 / Stockholm Dog Fair 2010 in Stockholm Sweden on the 18th of december 2010
results here
by sussikaja

Ellen och Benny, klass 1
by JennyochHugo Anna & Rut
by Letfors

Jimmie & Donna GHU
by jimmiekingeling

Monday, 27 December 2010

5 questions with : Jean McCollister

photo by:

name: Jean McCollister
sport: Disc dog , Agility
country: Slovenia - USA

Best advice ever given to you?
I like Bryan Lamky’s motto, which he says he learned from his champion frisbee dog Tatiana: Life is short. Aim high and bite hard!

Your favorite part of the day?
Depends on the time of year. Early to mid-afternoon in winter. Morning and evening in summer. All day in spring and autumn. Those are usually the best times for being outdoors with the dogs. And I always appreciate a pretty sunrise and sunset. I like it all, really. It’s just a matter of taking the time to be aware.

Last car trip (where)?
To Nova Gorica, a couple of days ago, to get Lyra her rabies vaccination. Her Christmas present.:-)
I try to use the car as little as possible in winter, so I can save up the kilometers for traveling to frisbee and agility competitions during the season. I work mainly from home, and I don’t need the car to take the dogs for long walks or play frisbee with them, I can walk out my door and find everything I need—endless trails and open fields. Training agility involves some travel, since I have to drive to get to obstacles, but we’re currently taking a break due to financial constraints. So these days it’s not unusual for my car to stay parked for up to a week at a time. Otherwise, my last major road trip with the dogs was with fellow Flipsi member/instructor Sara Kalin, in mid-October, to Milan, to perform in a park as part of Purina Day with people from Disc Dog Italia and some visiting Polish players. It was a really nice experience.

Your top five competitions ever?
Stromovka Park, Prague, Czech Republic, in July, 2007 (my first ever). European Championship, Wroclaw, Poland, in September 2007.  European Championship, Mnichovice, Czech Republic, in September 2008. USDDN National/World Finals, in October 2008. And every Nymburk (Czech Republic) Distance Weekend I’ve been to—three so far (2008, 2009, 2010), but I’m going to cheat and count them as one. If I could add a sixth it would be the UFO Winter Cup, Hungary, in January 2010.

3 things that you can't live without?
Lyra, Olivia, Bamm Bamm? I guess they’re not things. Okay, again, it depends on the time of year, but right now—chainsaw, wood splitting maul, table saw. And morning coffee, all the year round.  Can’t function without coffee. Beer is a close second. Once again, I’m cheating, and exceeding the number you allot. ;-)

Jean McCollister @ Lyra - Dogfrisbee EC 2008
by DiscDogCZ

Mc’Delirium canicross Hungary

On the 2nd of january the Canicross HUNGARIAN CLUB organize Mc'Delirium a canicross event in Domony-völgy /Domony Valley , Hungary.
short 8.5 km and long 20.4 km
canicross,bikejoring ,scoterjoring,cani vtt
more informations here
Kutyafutta 2006 - 3.rész
by attilabanki

agility event calendar 2011Austria

On is avaliable the Austrian agility event calendar 2011.

agility event calendar 2011 Austria link

5. Agility WINTERCUP-AUSTRIA Remo Müller [ CH ]
WINTERCUP-AUSTRIA Messehalle 14 Dornbirn
by wobrai

Sunday, 26 December 2010

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2011

The world’s most challenging sled dog race ,an extraordinary competition,spectacular trails,
outstanding competitors...
La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc From the 8th to the 19th of January 2011

quote from
"the toughest international sled dog race in the world because of the topography of the mountain it covers.
The race brings together each year 20 of the best mushers in the world. Together with their Alaskan Huskies and Siberian Huskies, they stride 900km (about 560 miles) in Savoie and Haute Savoie and mount over 25 000 m."
More informations here
Follow the live comments and updates from the race headquarters, starting January the 8th of streaming link
La Grande Odyssée 2010
by lesportesdusoleil

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