Monday, 28 February 2011

March interviews...

After the interview with Silvia Trkman It was very difficult to insert a new interview that  had the same effect . So, I had the idea to put two of each section.
I think it's also a chance to know more people in the same month.
This time we will enter in the world of dog dancing and canicrooss with two very different PROs. Emmy Simonsen  , I'm talking about a person in the dog dance world scene for many years and was present at the largest event achieving excellent results.
The second is much younger, it is called a talent of canicross in Czech rep. that at the age of 20 years has reached the 4th place at the European Championship 2010 in Belgium.
Then we will pass to the dog trainers . One is from Lithuania and He's studing the behavior of the dogs  meanwhile the other from Italy likes to throw the frisbee and organizes the dog olympics games ;)
Then there are the photographers too :Emelie from Sweden a talent in agility and in photography and Pavel from Czech rep. always present with spectacular photos at competitions.
I think you will enjoy and learn many things this month …

agiltiy competition in Valbandon, Pula  ,Croatia

On the 5th of march the kennel of Belgian Malinois Sheperds “Running Wild” organize an agiltiy competition in Valbandon, Pula  ,Croatia
more informations here and here
deadline 2nd march
Jenny Damm video report from an agility competition in Pula, Croatia. 2010
by jennylotus1

3rd april Agility in Landstuhl ,Germany

On the 3rd of april the swhv VdH Landstuhl organize an agiltiy competition in Landstuhl , Germany
more informations here
deadline 28th of februaray
Agility-Turnier Landstuhl 2010 (A3 Med 2nd place)
by siedlerspielerdommas

Eduardův MID & SPRINT (ESDRA CUP ) 2011

On the 5th and 6th of march the Krušnohorský sportovní klub psích spřežení organize
Eduardův MID &SPRINT (ESDRA CUP ) 2011 a sleddog event in Eduard u Jáchymova , Czech rep.
Sprint Announced categories: U, U1, A, A1, B, B1, B2, C, C1, C2, SkjM, SkjW, P
MID: MU, MU1, MB, MB1, MB2, MSkj2, MP
Track length of 15 km / turn (A, A1, B, B1, B2, U, U1, SkjM, SkjW, P)
8 km / wheel (C, C1, C2)
28 km / bike (MU, MU1, MB, MB1, MB2, MSkj2, MP)
deadline 2nd of march
more infomrations here
Šediváčkův long 2010
by boreli1970

Sunday, 27 February 2011

I. Obedience-Hallenturnier - 2011

On the 6th of march the HSC Bünde organize an Obedience event ,the I. Obedience-Hallenturnier - 2011 in Bünde, Germany
more informations here
deadline 28 february
2010-08-29 Fides OB1 (Hot Dogs Bünde)
by fellow4ever

dog dance Vestby , Norway

Norwegian Freestyle Association invites
Official freestyle competition
Sunday 20 March 
Location: Stall Svartedal in Vestby
more informations here
deadline 1st of march
The video shows glimpses from the very first official freestyle/HTM-competition in Norway. A very successfull arrangement, by Norsk Freestyleforening/NFF.
Video made for NFF by Merete Andersen Huser, Norway
by freestylebrakar


On the 5th and 6th of march the CLUB D’EDUCATION CANINE DE VALENTIGNEY organize a IPO  event in VALENTIGNEY ,France
deadline 1st of march
more informations here
by ronflo67

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Purina OG Turnir at the ÖRV Pottendorf

On the 5th and 6th of march the ÖRV Pottendorf organize two agiltiy events the Purina OG Turnirand the 4th round of the WinterHallenCup 2010/2011 all events in Pottendorf ,Austria
more informations here  and here
deadline 27th of february
Agility Class 1, Pottendorf, 2011 01 22, Pascal Kühn, clean run,
by vomsonnigengarten

4th DFS Crufts CaniX

4th DFS Crufts CaniX (2km)
Date: Friday 11 March 2011
Closing date: Monday, 28 February
Venue: DFS Crufts, NEC, Birmingham
Closing date: Monday, 28 February
more informations here
Crufts 2009 CaniX Race
by OfficialCrufts


Springers Spring Fling
date: 20th Mar (Sun)
Venue:Westfield Farm, Woodnook, Meltham, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 4DU
Deadline:28th Feb (Mon)
more informations here 
Kim &Ted taking part in the Celebration Connection Medium Dog Finals, held at the Dogs In Need show, August 2010.
by chrisagilitydogs

Friday, 25 February 2011

Open agility in Bergen op Zoom ,Netherlands

On the 12th of march the Border Collie Club Nederland organize a Open agility competition in Bergen op Zoom ,Netherlands
deadlien 26th of february
more infomrations here 
Finn performs at Bergen-op-Zoom
by MyFunnyFinn

O Kozinův čakan , Czech rep.

On the 5th and 6th of march the Základní kynologická organizace Domažlice 1 299 organize a indoor two days agility events called „O Kozinův čakan“ at the jezdecká hala Horšovský Týn /  riding hall Horsovsky Tyn ,Czech rep.
more informations here and here
Bellinda, O Kozinův čakan, 20.-21.3.2010
by DagValiantM

IPO in Roinville sous Dourdan , France

On the 5th adn 6th of march the Le club d’Education et Sport Canin de l’Hurepoix organize a IPO  event in Roinville sous Dourdan (91) ,France
deadline 25th of february
more informations here
Festival du chien, RCI, Merignac France 2008.
by dobrevitch

Thursday, 24 February 2011

5 questions with : Željko Gora

this photo is a courtesy of Željko Gora

name: Željko Gora
sport: Agility
country: Croatia

Favorite food ?
Wiener schnitzel.

Goals for the future?
Hard question; my dogs staying healthy, having lots of good results and to speed up dog walk with Tip cause it cost me few places on WC.

The best country you have visited?
I think I have to visit more countries to answer this question.

Best part of the day?
It depends what I'm doing that day.

Have you ever compete without dogs / which sport?
Nothing professional.

Željko Gora, Djurdja, Sintava 2010 agility
by nagyrichardmark

REPORT : 4. Tattendorfer Hallencup & HUSSE Race of Champions

Here you have the results and videos of the 4. Tattendorfer Hallencup  and HUSSE Race of Champions organized by the DSC Tattendorf DSC (Dog Sport Center - Tattendorf)  in Tattendorf  , Austria on the 20th of february 2011

Tattendorf 4. HC results here 
HUSSE Race of Champions results here
Tattendorf jumping large LK3 - slow motion
by vakonic

Cira Caria Tantum Auri J3,
by vakonic


Pamela Jumping
by 406Oliver

REPORT: Chatillon (Aosta) Italy

Here you have the resutls and videos about the agiltiy competition held by the Funny Dog Aosta club in Chatillon (AO) on the 19th and 20th of february 2011Pottendorf
results here 
Chatillon 20-02-2011 Enci Agility 2
by lellapinardi

Kimana Agility novice class( first competition experience )
by MsPolly75

Andrea e Dida Agility 3 
by spongy73

Agility in Risskov , Denmark

On the 12th and 13th of march the DcH Risskov organize a two day agility competitions in an indoor arena in Risskov , Denmark
more informations here 
deadline 25th of february
Jenny Damm competes with Elvis and Ogin. It's Ogins first trial! Agility competition Denmark Dec 08
by jennylotus1

Mulde Ridhus, Sweden

On the 12th of march the Klinteortens hundungdom organize an agility competition in Mulde Ridhus, Sweden
deadline 25th of february
more informations here 
Sassa och Jim Hoppklass 1 Mulde Ridhus 2009
by mummzz

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Canicross and Canivtt  in MONTREDON des CORBIERES ,France

On the 27th of february the The Caminaïres club organize a Canicross and Canivtt competition in Montredon des Corbière ,France
more informations here
by IOSU2011

International Polish Championships Senior and Junior Sprint in Zdunowice

On the 26th and 27th of FEBRUARY the mushign club Durango-Rimo organize a International Polish Championships Senior and Junior Sprint Mushing event in Zdunowice , Poland
Class: A, B0, B1, B2, C0, C1, C2, D0, D1, D2, SJM, SJK, regiment, O-US
more informations here
deadline 26 februar
by mianarmengol

REPORT: Agility in Almozara, Spain

Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition held at the agility club of Almozara in Almozara ,Spain on the 19th and 20th of february 2011
results here
Alejandro & Nana en L ´Almozara
by QuiqueBaloo

by MilitoCampeon


Here you have the videos of the dog dance event in BLENDECQUES , France at the SPORT CANIN WITTOIS club held on the 20th of february 2011
nicole en lotje 1e plaats 
by dennis89742

Jules O Dwyer 
by dennis89742

down en chicka
by dennis89742

nicole en gille 4de plaats
by dennis89742

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Agility calendar 2011 Slovenia

Here you have all the dates of agility competitions in Slovenia for the year 2011

23.04.2011 KD Ptuj 
07.05.2011 ŠKD Ajdovščina 
14.05.2011 KD Pluton 1. round of SlovenianCUP 
21.05.2011 KD Slovenska Bistrica 
28.05.2011 KD Maribor 
04.06.2011 ŠKD Ljutomer-Križevci 2. round of SlovenianCUP 
11.06.2011 KD Ljubljana 
18.06.2011 KD Škofja Loka - Železniki 
25.06.2011 KD Zagorje,3. round of SlovenianCUP 
02.07.2011 KD Barje 
09. 07. 2011 KD Agility Ilirija 
16.07.2011 KD Portorož 4. round of SlovenianCUP 
20.08.2011 ŠKD Logatec 
21.08.2011 ŠKD Logatec 5. round of SlovenianCUP 
03.09.2011 KD Duplica 
10.09.2011 ŠKD Krim 
24.09.2011 KD Fido Hrušica 6. round of SlovenianCUP – final 
17.12.2011 ŠKD Postojna indoor WINTERCUP 2011/2012 

Veni Vidi Vici Seta del Oro - Agility Murska Sobota (25.6.2009)
by 5rca88

REPORT: 19th and 20th feb at Kirkkonummen Kennelkerho KKK Club

Here you have the results and videos about the agility competition at the Kirkkonummen Kennelkerho KKK ry (KKK) in Kirkkonummi /Masalan kuplahalli on the19th and 20th of february 2011
results here 
Topi Kirkkonummi 19.2.
by sarasstus

Jaakko & Zen 19.2.2011 Kirkkonummi kisaC
by NinaFrantsi

Jaakko & Chi 19.2.2011 Kirkkonummi kisaB
by NinaFrantsi

Jaakko & Chi 19.2.2011 Kirkkonummi kisaC
by NinaFrantsi

REPORT: AT Gallus, Henau

Here you have the resutls and videos about the agility competition at the AT Gallus in Henau , Switzerland on the 19th and 20th of february 2011
results here 
Joker by dogfriend1959

Henau 19.2.11 Jumping by dalmatinergoesdiva

ray jumping 19.02.2011 by Kleindt

Agility Large 2 by PowerandSpeed81

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