Sunday, 31 July 2011

European Open 2011 individual SMALL results

HERE is the TOP 10 indivudual SMALL finals of the EO 2011 (Bad Hall ,Austria)

1 Malgaroli Serena Ines with  Sherry (ITA)

Vakonic Pavol with Cira (SVK)
3 Verri Naima with Nina (ITA)
4 Campe Marlene with Tabea (GER)
5 Galleri Serena with Tracy (ITA)
6 Zakotnik Daša with JASENAK NEGRESCO (SLO)
7 Fried Hans with Chili (AUT)
8 Ernst Patrick with Chiana (SWI)
9 Aigner Lukas with Alina (AUT)
10 Mandova Renata with Alpinka (CZE)

Here you have the complete SMALL individual results

EO 2011 LARGE individual results!!!

HERE is the TOP 10 indivudual LARGE finals of the EO 2011 (Bad Hall ,Austria)

Rhett (FIN)

3 Smocek Jan with Pipin (CZE)

4 Damm Jenny with Ina (SWE)
5 Pečar Petra with Veni Vidi Vici (SLO)
6 Sousa Paulo with Patch (POR)
7 Gyes Nancy with Ace (USA)
8 Jelinek Zita with Brill (HUN)
9 Tristram Joanne with Blitz (GBR)
10 Wiersma Tanja with Fantom (NED)

Here you have the complete LARGE individual results

European Open 2011 individual MEDIUM results

HERE is the TOP 10 indivudual MEDIUM finals of the EO 2011 (Bad Hall ,Austria)

1 Boogk Silas with Caja (GER)
2 Bonač Polona with OZUGRATO BUZAVIRAG (SLO)
3 MELAIN Emmanuel with AQUA (FRA)

4 RACZKA Thomas with Curly (FRA)
6 Reinhalter Laura with Charlie (AUT)
7 Butler Ashleigh with Pudsey (GBR)
8 Kabai Krisztina with Rio (GER)

Here you have the complete MEDIUM individual results

EO 2011 partial results!!!

On youtube I've found some videos of the European Open 2011 that is running this weekend in Bad Hall ,Austria.
The results are not available yet. But the partial results are:
WINNER Silas Boogk (with a barefoot run and left the competition in ambulance ) 
2nd place to Polona Bonač
WINNER Niina-Liina Linna with Rhett (Tending Chimera)
2nd Janita Leinonen with Hitti (Decathlete's Hornet)

Pumi Phoebe EO 2001 Bad Hall Agility - (little chaotic) clear run - qualified for final :D
by pumipower

European Open 2011 - Mona Grefenstein mit Page - Quali A3 für's Finale - Bad Hall / Österreich
by BelgierPower

European Open 2011 - Nicole Münker mit Esprit - Quali A3 für's Finale - Bad Hall / Österreich
by BelgierPower

Engelbert & Luke, Jumping Individual
by Sofawoelfchen

MORE NEWS TO COME is the TEAM day!!!

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

5 questions with : Iztok Noč

name: Iztok Noč
sport: Agility
Country : Slovenia

favorite movie?
Lord of the Rings

If I could choose an animal which animal would you be / why?
Raven, I like the way they enjoy their freedom

What profession would you not like to do?

Favorite food?

Are you a vegan?

flyball in Helecine

On the 14th of august the CIEC organize a flyball competition in Helecine ,Belgium
deadline 31 july
more informations here
Toernooi HSV Rijk van Nijmegen.
by Islemunde

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

agility in Järvenpää, Finland

On the 6th and 7th of august the Järvenpään agilityurheilijat ry(JAU) organize an agility competition at the Manor Field School in Järvenpää ,Finland
deadline 27 july
more informations here
Kooikerhondje Veiko & Henrika, medi3, A-agilityrata HYL & B-agilityrata HYL
by veikokooikerhondje

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


On the 13th and 14th of august the organize the HAPPY MÍČEK a czech flyball event in Krupka - Bohosudov , Czech rep.
deadline 27 july
more informations here
Alea na M.E.D.´s Trophy
by Judyttcz

agility in Kantvik

On the 6th and 7th of august the Kirkkonummen Kennelkerho (KKK)organze an agility competition in the KKK-Hall of Kantvik , Finland
deadline 27 july
more informations here
Agilityn joukkue-SM Kirkkonummen Kennelkerho
by NAB81

Monday, 25 July 2011

interview with a PRO: Polona Bonač

I am proud to write that came the day to present one of the most beautiful memodog blog interviews.
Another girl from Slovenia...She won the European Open in 2007 and she's a all around trainer. She trains with her dogs every sport from agility to IPO. She also teach agility, puppy classes, obedience classes and rally obedience at KD Agility Ilirija.
Polona is also a “master” of Mudi and Croatian Sheepdogs.
She's the demonstration that with so much efforts can be reached any goal.

Polona and the warm up questions...

The last time you were in a Luna Park?
It was few years ago in Belgium. I was there with my friends for agility competition (what else... ;), and we had decided to have some fun one evening. I have very vivid memories about that Luna Park, mainly because my stomach was really upset by the end of the whole thing... But it was fun nevertheless.

You spend the weekends for cleaning home or to put into practice what you have learned with your dogs doing a competition?
That one is easy – definitely competition. And in case I have a weekend free, loong walks or a trip to the sea-side. And if the weather is bad, there is nothing better than being a complete couch-potato. Cleaning comes very low on my list of things to do...

The last famous person you've met?
Uf, I don’t know if I have ever met someone really famous. I remember that one time, when I was still in elementary school, I was walking down the street in Ljubljana and I saw a front man of a very popular Slovenian band (Gregor Skočir from Big Foot Mama). I got very excited, and my eyes were on him the whole time. Not a smart thing to do, especially if you are as clumsy as I am. I trip and I fell down right in front of him. He was not impressed by that I must say, so we never got to actually meet. :)

Well, never mind .Though I like to do these types of questions. Let's move to something more serious ...

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
My name is Polona Bonač, I am 26 years old and I am a dogoholic, therefore interested in pretty much anything you can do together with your dog. Besides training my dogs and teaching both obedience and agility I am also a licensed helper, which is something I really enjoy, but I don’t do often enough... But I am also a student at Faculty of Sports (have to pay back my debts), and a big fan of theatre.
Since I spend the majority of time with my 4-legged gang, they deserve an introduction as well. After long struggle, my parents gave up and bought me my first dog Toby the Gordon Setter. He is now almost 14 years old and still every bit as goofy as when he was a puppy. He is a big sweetheart, but not so much a working dog, so eventually he got some company. First of all little Šja the Mudi. My genius sweet little dog. One in a million. Then came Šaj the Croatian Sheepdog, the dog with a big smile and even bigger heart. The dog that stole my heart and got me addicted to this breed. I guess it would be enough to stop with this number, but being rational was never my thing, so another CS joined my pack – Kiša the trouble maker. Or at least that is what she used to be. Now she is my multipractic, workaholic and definitely the best mannered dog of my pack. And there is Mjav the cat who is as spoiled as it gets.

When did you realize that train the dogs will be your future?
Well, to be honest, I didn`t really think about it a lot. I was simply spending more in more time training dogs, so I had less and less time to do anything else. That has changed a bit now, as I am studying again, and actually loving it this time. So at the moment I don`t know much about my future, but I since old habits die hard...

Slovenia is a small country but have so many people who already are at the top in dog sports ,expecially in agility. What do you think these results are from?
I think it is a must to first mention Silvia Trkman at this point. She is a brilliant trainer and left a huge impact on not only Slovenian agility but worldwide as well. But of course there are other things as well – one being that we have a lot of young, very enthusiastic people in dog sports, who really devote endless amounts of time and effort in training their dogs.

What does it mean to you to work with dogs like Croatian shepherd and Mudi?
Well, I lost a significant amount of nerves, and developed a hearing impairment, but other than that... No seriously, I don`t think about that at all. I simply love the breed (both of them), and I still haven’t got to a point where I would actually be able to get another breed, only to have a better chance in training this or that. As much as it can be annoying, I have become an addict of their explosive nature and endless enthusiasm for just about anything you can think of.

photo by Iztok Noč

Tell us about your experience at the Croatian Working Sheepdog Championship 2009?
There are no words to describe just how much I loved that championship. It was absolutely perfect. The organisators worked very hard to make this a memorable experience for all the participants, but even if they wouldn`t – seeing most of working CS at the same place at the same time, seeing them compete in 6 different disciplines (agility, obedience, tracking, herding, protection, search and rescue), and seeing as many as 50 dogs on thow in the end – not something you can forget. I have competed with both my CS, Kiša was the only dog who competed in all 6 working disciplines, and Šaj was competing in 3 + dog show. It was quite a challenge, since we were totally out of training – I have just recovered from a serious illness, but nevertheless we have achieved some nice results. But this championship was not about results at all. It was a tribute to a little black dog with the biggest heart that can do it all. A tribute to two great dogs Cita – Drava Certisa, and Miška Certisa who put Croatian Sheepdog as a breed to a map, and also produced many great working dogs.
Although the championship was not so much about results, I have to mention one. My pretty, cocky Šaj managed to won BOB at specialty show. It was definitely the most unexpected thing that has ever happen to me. Ok, I must admit I think Šaj is the most beautiful dog on the planet, and god knows she thinks so, but honestly, not many other people do. But on that day she charmed the judge as well... I am not all that into shows, but winning a specialty show in their native country, with as many as cca 50 dogs participating... well, that is something even for me.

The 2007 was your year? In that year you and Šja were able to put into practice to perfection all that you both have learned.
I could say so. In 2007 little Šja won medium finals at the EO. I remember I actually thought we were not even in the finals that year, because we didn`t have 2 clean runs. But she came in as a top 3 (or something) dog in one run (at that time the rules were a bit different that today), and in finals – well, everything was just right. I guess 2007 was really lucky year for me, which is not typically the case. Normally I am just doing unnecessary front crosses, falling on my head... stuff like that...
Polona Bonac Sja European Open Final
by QuiqueBaloo

photo by Iztok Noč

Working with dogs is very difficult and demanding. How much do you train per day /week ?
In the very beginning of this interview I have mentioned my awful habit of being totally disorganized. My trainings pretty much follow that concept. I try to do at least something with my dogs each day (obedience, agility, tricks, protection...), but in reality it often turns out to be – one day three different trainings, and just a long walk the next... It also depends on my goals in that period. When I am training for an IPO competition or an exam – I am mostly working my ass off. Training all three disciplines with Kiša, and another sports with Š&Š takes A LOT of time. But at this point for example, we are pretty much doing agility, 4 times per week, for an hour or something, frisbee time on Sunday, and a little bit of obedience whenever I feel like it.

photo by  Branko Šimić

How do you changes your training before a big event like the EO or the AWC?
Not much. Before the AWC I typically check the courses of the delegated judges, and see if they have a »thing« they particularly like to set, and then I train that. I am also working on Šja`s motivation a bit more than usual, because I really want her to give her best there.

How do you stay focused before a run, especially for the EuropeanOpen or at the World Championship?
Ever since I am running with more than one dog, or better to say in different categories, EO has become quite a challenge for me, so last year I was really not happy with my mental state. This year I have to plan the whole thing better – I need to know exactly which course I am going to run first, and how. AWC on the other hand is a totally different thing. I have time to do my routine before and after the course walk. And in the end, when the pressure rises, I start playing with my dogs. That always takes the pressure away.

Which competition remained more in your heart ?
Croatian Sheepdog Working Championship. By far. :)

You train your dogs in many sports. Where did you find it more difficult to train and which dog?
One thing I seriously dislike and it is therefore very difficult for me to train is tracking. I don`t know nearly enough about that and since Kiša is not a natural talent; I should be much better prepared. I did some mistakes in the beginning (and probably I am still making some), which makes my job even more difficult now. Otherwise, I have very different training problems with my dogs. Šja had some problems with motivation first, Šaj... well Šaj and I had many problems. Starting with shaping – a concept that she never really liked. Than I had to do a lot of work to get her obstacle focused in agility, and I still haven`t find the solution for her problem with bars or better to say knocking them. And I have already mentioned Kiša`s tracking problem. And I have a big problem with me, learning to throw Frisbees the way I am supposed to... So as you can see, we never run out of challenges.

Compete in IPO with a Croatian Sheepdog , is not so usual .How the other competitors look at you?
I guess they do not think of her as a real dog :) . She does however impress with her fast and energetic obedience, and those who know her better also admire the big heart in the small package.

OK , you have chosen to do so many sprot with your dogs,
you choose to mix 2on 2off and running contacts methods.
Did you always choose to do very difficult things at once? Is it to keep your mind active or is a gift of nature that you can choose a lot of thing at once and be excellent in everything that you have choosed?
Well, I started to teach Kiša 2on2off because I was actually not successful in teaching running contacts with her. But as it turned out – as soon as I stopped obsessing with a problem it got better on its own, and her running contacts were just great again. At that point I started to think I could have both. After all, dogs are so very clever...
As flattering as your question is, I don`t really consider myself gifted, maybe curious is better way to describe that. I simply would like to try as many different sports as possible, because each and every one of them gives me different thrills. Being good at it is just a nice benefit, but definitely not the goal.

Do you have any advice for who starts work with Croatian shepherd or Mudi?
Lots of patience and an ear plugs :) . There are big differences in the breed, so it is hard to give general tips, but I find it very important to know what kind of dog you are dealing with. If it is a brainiac like Šja it is important to first built drive and self-esteem, and the rest is easy. With maniacs like my Croats consistency is the key. They should learn as soon as possible, that there is only one way of having fun – your way.

photo by  Andraž Cerar

Try to answer at this question. Which rules would you change in agility?
I would definitely get rid of the up-contacts, because they are very unfair to big dogs, and then there is table – I think agility today is as far as it gets to standing still for 5 seconds, so it kind of doesn`t belong in anymore.
Also I would like to see the day when AWC would actually be more about the competitors than it is about the delegates...

Any plans for the future ?
Not many. I live day by day, but since I have just started my studies again, I definitely hope I will finish asap. And then move out of the city.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Not much, I think I have been quite chatty so far. Thank you for the interview. It sure was a fun one!


Polona Bonač & Kiša con Maige
by kdagilityilirija

Mudi Sja - Medium Team Standard Run at World Championships
by klickerklok

Croatian Sheepdog Mawlch Shay at some recent agility competitions.
by agimanics

Croatian Sheepdog Kisha (Kiša Con Maige) at some recent agility competitions.
by agimanics

Sunday, 24 July 2011

BCC 2011 Agility results

On they have published the resutls of the Agility competition of the Border Collie Classic 2011 held in Vallensbæk ,Denmark.

here is the Agility Individuals top 10 results:
1 Andrea Occhini with Giò /Italy
2 André Mühlebach with Air /Switzerland
3 Krisztina Kabai with Fleece/ Germany
4 Lena-Marie Prohl with Zac /Germany
5 Jan Sprij with Fin / The Netherlands
6 Niina-Liina Linna with Rhett / Finland
7 Matej Cucek with Witch /Slovenia
8 Jenny Damm with Ogin /Sweden
9 Tanja Wiersma with Fantom /The Netherlands
10 Niina-Liina Linna with Rei /Finland

Agility team results top 5
1 Switzerland
2 Russia/Denmark
3 Czech rep.
4 Netherlands
5 Slovenia

the complete results are here


Final Bordercollie classic 2011 by tcasclb

BCC 2011 first obedience video

On canisport youtube channel you can watch the first obedience video of the BCC 2011.
Kewstock Quite a Quest (Vilya) & Trina Dyrgaard
Club Champion in LP2 - Border Collie Club
Border Collie Classic - Vallensbæk - 23 July 2011
by CaniSport

Saturday, 23 July 2011

sheepdog Young Handler Course 3 day camp in Switzerland

From the 9th to the 11th of august the organize the Young Handler Course
3 day camp with course managementa sheepdog camp in Bettwiese , Switzerland
Duration: for three days with meals and overnight in tents.
Course content: practice with their children or "leasing" of sheep dogs.
The trainings are led by Heinz Höneisen and Andreas Schiess. Training focus for each training level of the child-dog team.
The children and possibly parents to stay in tents (8-person tents available).
Course Location:The camp will be held at Fam Elser in Bettwiese.
Participants : The children should be between 10 and 16 years old
The dog should already have experience with sheep and be healthy.
more informations here
competition with border collies at Praz-Jouly near Gruyère
by borderb

mondioring in Laakdal , Belgium

On the 23rd and 24th of july the Royal Club de Berger Belge Westerlo 537 and the Royal Belgian Sheepdog Westerlo organize a mondioring event in Laakdal ,Belgium
more informations here
Clubmatch Mondioring Westerlo 2011
by sheepopower

4th ÖKV-Obedience-Cup 2011 Austria

On the 30th and 31st of july the ÖGV Heustadlwasse organize the 4th ÖKV-Obedience-Cup 2011/4. Eliminator for 2012 World Cup, with CACAOB - award
Location: 1020 Vienna, Lusthausstr. 1
Divisions: Beginner GH, GH 1, GH 2, GH 3 (GH 3 on Sunday only)
more informations here
3.ÖKV Obedience Cup /15.06. 2008/Wien-Heustadlwasser - GH2
by bibeschnauzer

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dog dance/freestyle event in Malmö

On the 7th of august the organize a dog dance /freestyle event in Malmö , Sweden.
Official Freestyle Class I-II
Official Freestyle Class III (race Agria Freestyle Elite Challenge)
Official Heelwork to music class I to III
Unofficial second chance - any Freestyle / htm ("candy Class")
deadline 24th of july
more informations here
Freestyle with Oskar in Malmö 17 mars 2007
by sussikaja

Ashley Whippet Invitational World Championship Qualifier

Ashley Whippet Invitational World Championship Qualifier
location Club Aliga,Balatonvilágos , Hungary
date: 30th july 2011
AWI Open Division - 2 rounds freestyle+ 1st Toss and Catch
Total Performance Toss and Catch Championship - 2 rounds Toss and Catch
deadline: 22nd of july
more informations here
Dog frisbee world championship qualification competition
by beardedcolliesport

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

5 questions with : Kristine Goossens

name: Kristine Goossens
sport: dog dance,agility,canicross
country: Belgium

Favorite drink?
Fresh orange juice

What are the achievements you are most proud of?
I’m very proud of everything I’ve achieved with our Havanese (a small breed of the Bichon group). Havanese are typical lap dogs but with a great will to please. It’s a challenge to work with them since they like to sleep most of the day, but they can also be very active. I love doing Canine Freestyle and Agility with them.
With one of our Havanese, Dalia, I’ve obtained the 3rd place for the Dog Sport Award of “Best Dog Dancer 2009” (in Belgium). Dalia is the sunshine in my life!
I’m also very proud of the results with our Havanese during Canine Freestyle competitions. I’ve obtained several 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. I’ve worked on 34 Dog Dance routines with our Havanese (and Maltese) in 7 years.
I’m most proud of the routine on “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” in which I work with three dogs together and the routine on “The Bongo Song” in which me and my mother Linda handle each one of us 2 dogs (so 4 dogs together). My favourite routines are those on the film music of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Requiem for a dream of “Lord of the rings”. My newest Canine Freestyle routine is a combination of Dog Dance and Irish Dance (heavy shoe) on the theme song of “Happy Feet”.
Just recently, I’ve made a video with the help of my mother Linda, of our Havanese drumming on “The Bongo Song” of Safri Duo. We’ve accepted the Drumming Challenge of Silvia Trkman. And we won . This is the video including all our Havanese (adults and puppies)
Canine Drumming Challenge - The Havanese Freestylers (Drummers)
by felicianimali

Have you ever been on tv?
A few times in the past. One of them was many years ago in a kids program.

What sound or noise do you hate?
The noise of a grinding wheel. The sound of a mosquito buzzing around my head.

What profession would you like to attempt?
I’m a student. I have my diploma of languages & literature and teaching (French and Italian) and I’m studying now for animal care. It would be a dream coming true if I could do something with dogs and horses as a profession.

Havanese Dalia & Dog Dance
by felicianimali

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

report: 4th round Slovenian Agility CUP

On the 16th of july the KD Portorož has organized the 4th round of the Slovenian Agility Cup 2011
Here you have the results
some videos:
Glen KD Portorož
by xsamfly

16.7. agility Portorož. 3.mesto
by KailiBC

Janča Poláková
by MegaHafhaf

report: Brno dog days 2011

Here you have the results , photo galleries and some videos about the BRNO DOG DAYS/Brněnské psí dny that was held at the Football field of the University of Defence in Brno-Pisarky on the 16th adn 17th of july 2011

discdog results here 
agility results here
photo gallery 1 here
photo gallery 2 here
Alena Smolíková & Keysi - dogdancing exhibition (Brněnské psí dny 2011)
by BlahGolfIV

Markéta Urbášková & Chuckie - dogfrisbee freestyle 2nd place
by BlahGolfIV

Agility: Petr Vlašic + Jeverley Lenfir, small - 1. misto
by petrman11

Flyball -, beginners)
DogDartbee -
by Axamitka100

Monday, 18 July 2011

interview with a dog trainer: Eva Zwicker

A short introduction to this beautiful interview.
Eva is a discdog star ,a very important person in the swiss discdog ready to give the best to evolve this sport.
She manages to bring more projects at once , we found her as a competitor, trainer, owner of a dogshop in few words she's living with dogs at 360 degrees
so, read this new gem

First of all some warm up questions...
Have you ever stepped on the tail of your dog?
Yes, I think so.
Have you ever been river rafting?
Yes, at school
When was the last time you saw Traffic Stop?
I don’t know, because I often fall asleep, when we go somewhere (of course as a

Ok , I think is enough , let's be more serious and begin with the interview
Why you have started with the discdog?
I saw Marcus and Sabine Wolff at Switzerland. They gave a seminar at the place
where I went to school for my dogtrainer education. At home, I showed it to Alen and we tried it with our Gross Poodle. He caught all the discs, even if they were thrown very bad, but he was a very good jumper, like a cat in the air. And then I bought Diva,our Dobermann. We have been playing with her since she was nine weeks old, of course without jumps in the beginning.

Do you play other sports besides discdog ?
Yes, a bit of agility and we do a lot of tricktraining with our dogs. And I ride a horse as often as possible.

Which category you prefer in discdog?
Freestyle, but I think the overall (with mini distance) is important. Because the judges are also only human and you can not stop all of your preconceptions. So the mini distance compensates.

If you could change one rule in disc dog what would you change ?
That’s difficult to say because we have a lot of different rules. But I can say I prefer the USDDN rules because the evaluation points are very clearly defined.
Nevertheless I play with all rules, because I enjoy playing with my dog and
Discdogging is fun.

You were the USDDN Dogfrisbee European Champion 2009 Class: Beginners .How has this victory helped for the “fame“ of the discdog in Switzerland?
I don’t know if it helped.

How much time you devote to training during the week?
Not very much, I train more often other people and their dogs than with my dog. I
think on average it’s about one hour a week.
Do you change your trainings before a competition (a week before or more)?
Yes, if I have enough time I change my trainings perhaps one or two weeks before.
But sometimes I don’t have enough time and than I only write my routine down, so
that I can remember what I want to play.

Alltagshund dog school is based in Wittenbach , is not a big city ,how is growing the discdog there?
The discdog is growing very well. In our club DiscDog-Ostschwiiz we have a lot of
interested people. One woman is older than 60 years and she also starts with us at
the shows and the competitions. So discdog is for everyone, that’s what we want to show all the people.

Tell us more about the Alltagshund dog school.
Four years ago we opened our dog school. We want to help the dog owners to
become a good team with their dogs. In today’s society the education of the dogs is very important.

Besides the dog school you run also a discdog shop .How is going , how do you see the shop over the years?
The shop is going very well. We were the first who offered discs for dogs at

What do you think should be the basis for a beginner in discdog (obedience basis)
The dog should have orientation to the holder. The dog should already give out and have a good impulse control.

Do you have any advice for who begins with discdog
They have to play with discs for dogs. The dog must be warmed up every time! First, people have to learn to throw the discs. It is essential to go to a seminar with a good discdog coach.

Do you have some plans for the future?
We want to show this sport many people and we want to enjoy the time with our

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Dogfrisbee is a wonderful thing you can do with your dog. You and your dog grow to a team. Enjoy the time with your dog and the other frisbee players!


all the photos are a courtesy of Eva Zwicker

Hundefrisbee Training 2011
by alensoldic

Eva und Enya BEA
by alensoldic

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