Saturday, 31 March 2012

5 questions with : Sven Van Driessche

name:  Sven Van Driessche 
sport: Disc dog
country: Belgium

Your favorite part of the day?
For me; playtime with the pooches.
For the dogs; the same and for the Labbies you can add any time where there is food involved.

Favorite movie?
Top Gun... any time, any day when my brain doesn't need to work
Amelie Poulain... when my brain wants to work

Favorite country that you have visited?
That would be the USA, I've been there quite a few times now and a part from the disc dog scene I just love the nature in the South West. It's also a country where so many fantastic memories were created and I hope to continue going there at least once a year for a long time.

Your favorite food ?
Pasta's in all forms and sorts, mostly combined with chicken or seafood. Probably this is due to the fact I've always been in sports on a level where food can make a difference. It's no use entering a tennis court when you have just stuffed yourself on pizza or hamburgers, isn't it.

last thing that you do before you go to bed?
No comment...

Sven van Driessche and Jumper - Skyhoundz European Championship Budapest 2009
by blueandsoul

Friday, 30 March 2012

Big problems before the World Agility Open

The behind the scenes of the World Agility Open Championships never cease to amaze. Here's the latest news before the event to be held in May in Belgium

FROM: Monica Percival & Greg Derrett, World Agility Open

For the past year, the Agility Section of the Belgium Kennel Club has
secretly threatened to ban handlers from participating in Kennel Club
agility events if those handlers participate in a non-FCI event such as
the WAO, but they have never put anything in writing that could be
pursued legally. As this year's event draws closer, they have escalated
their efforts and privately confronted an individual handler to scare
him into withdrawing from the Belgium WAO team. The handler was told
that although the Belgian Kennel Club would likely lose a legal battle
if they banned the individual from Kennel Club agility competitions,
they didn't care. The Kennel Club would just pay the fine and then make
sure that judges would make calls that will prevent that agility handler
from ever having a clean run again in Belgium. Like agility handlers
everywhere, people in Belgium just want to pursue their favorite sport
on the weekends. To stand up to the current agility system and be banned
from participating in Kennel Club events would mean they wouldn't get to
do agility or see their friends. Unlike the U.S., Canada, England, and
some other countries, there are not multiple forms of agility for
handlers to choose from.

But the Belgian Agility Section has decided to go a step further now.
This week on a Belgian Facebook page after the WAO asked someone to post
a request for helpers for the event, the Kennel Club actually went so
far as to threaten to ban anyone who even helps out at the WAO. What
will be next? Will they ban Belgian agility handlers from coming to the
WAO to watch?

The WAO committee is trying to find legal counsel in Belgium to address
this issue, but meanwhile we hope that members of the agility community
from around the world will take a moment to write to the members of the
Agility Section and members of the assembly of representatives and
express their opinion on this issue --

Wilfried Claes --
Ronny Gilissen --
Michel Liekens --
Van den Bosch Alfons --
Joel Vanlerberghe --
Joseph Van Hummelen --

WAO official website:

Thursday, 29 March 2012

On the 14th and 15th of April the Austrian Sheep Dog Society organize an International Trial for Class I, II and III (EC Qualification 2011) at Fam Steindorfer at steir. / Carinthia. Grenze Border
Judge: Katy Cropper, GB

more informations here

open trial "Mühlviertelmeisterschaft": 10/09 Lightspeed Darjeeling
by synve1

REPORT: Welcome Summer DDFW 2012

On the 24th and 25th March in Dvůr Králové nad Labem ,Czech Rep. was held the Welcome Summer DDFW (distance weekend - Dog Chow DiscDog Cup, SuperZOO dogfrisbee League ) .Here you have the results and videos of the event.

results here

Vojta & Sparco Super MiniDistance by janekdolinski

Finał Quadruped by janekdolinski

Dariusz Radomski & Pris - Time Trial - 14,63 by janekdolinski

Janek & Ari Super Pro T&F 1. round by janekdolinski

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition HUSSE RACE OF CHAMPION .The event was held at the indoor hall of the ÖRV-HSV-Steinerkirchen in Kremsmünste(Austria) on the 24th of march 2012.

results here

Laura A-Lauf open
by LauraAgi

Laura Jumping Open
by LauraAgi

Pumi Phoebe Agility Open
by pumipower

by ChampaChin

6-9 april Pembrey CaniX

Pembrey CaniX
A canicross , Bikejoring andScooter event(inc. night run and beach CaniX)
Location: Pembrey Country Park, Pembrey Forest, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, S Wales
Date: Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Fri - Mon, 6-9 April 2012 (camping available 5-10 April)
DEADLINE Monday 2 April

more informations here

Canix bikejor - Pembrey beach
by jadatoady

Monday, 26 March 2012

5 questions with : Antonio Rappazzo

name: Antonio Rappazzo
sport: all around ( disc dog , rally-O ,obedience)
country: Italy

What sound or noise do you love? 
Sounds rather harmonious

For you a bad day is...
When people that I love go away

What are your strengths?
The family, friends, respect, calm ...

I thing that you hate?
I can’t feel hatred towards anyone, even if sometimes some situations bother me a bit. '

favorite food?
I have no favorite dishes, but I like vegetables (in general), except the broad beans

GARA RALLY O 5_9_2011
by iolandagitto

Dog Obedience Society invited Mark Muir in Sicily - a Great Discdogger - Inteview on Onda TV
by Giococolcane

Sunday, 25 March 2012

2012 flyball in Netherlands

On you will find all the dates of flyball events in Netherlands for the 2012 season.

2012 flyball in Netherlands link

Team Flying Six pack van de KV Nieuwegein
by Daiven1

Saturday, 24 March 2012

REPORT: 17-18 march Bettembourg (Luxembourg)

Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition that was held at the Agility Halle Bettembourg on the 17th and 18th march 2012.The event was valid for the qualifications for the Agility World Championship.

results here

Concours Agility Bettembourg Luxembourg 18 mars 2012 - Aspen
by malilola1

Carlo King Agility
by MegaJoseeM

3éme degré bettembourg
by Lloydsun

2012 Rally Obedience in Norway

On you will find all the dates for Rally Obedience events in Norway for the 2012 season.

The next event will be held on the 28th April by the Vennesla Dog and Kristiansand Dog Club in Southern Norway.

2012 Rally Obedience in Norway link

Rallylydighet stevne i Bø i Telemark den 21. og 22.mai
by Hannebmh

Friday, 23 March 2012

REPORT: 17 march Obedience in Kerkwijk (NED)

Here you have the results,photo gallery and videos of the Obedience competition that was held in Kerkwijk (Netherlands) on the 17th March 2012.

results here

photo gallery here

Ierse terrier Catootje's eerste wedstrijd obedience
by jenkelabots1

Obedience trial with James (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)
by JamesTheCorgi

Obedience Dean / Jenke Kerkwijk
by jenkelabots1

31 march Obedience in Switzerland

On the 31st of March the SC Locarno organize an Obedience competition for all classes. The event will be held in Losone - Zandon , Switzerland
Judges: Irène Wyss e Nicole Schmie
Deadline : 23 march

more informations here

KV Wengi - Obedience 2 mit Tilly
by larapirat

31 march - 1 april UFO CATCH CONTEST (Poland)

On the 31st and 1st of april you con be a part of the UFO Catch Contest , a disc dog event , in Opole, LKJ Ostroga, Wrocławska - Poland

more informations here

Kirby McIlveen and Sketch Perform Freestyle at UFO Disc Dog Contest in Houston, Texas
by goldendogdad1

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

REPORT: 17-18 march Agility at the Club Neo

Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition that was held in Reus - Tarragora , Spain on the 17th and 18th of march 2012. The event was organized by the Agility Club Neo

results here

by nataliacuadrador

Jose Luis y Nuka
by agilitycornella

Mª Luisa y Black-Moon - Jumping
by tracymoonsky

Ali jumping
by nataliacuadrador

7 april Canicross Val de Loire

On the 7th of april the Canicross Val de Loire will organize a canicross event the "easter trophy".The event will be held in Vrigny (45) ,France
Deadline : 31st march

more informations here

La course canicross et CaniVTT de Senlis, sur le Vélo d'Anne Vanhove avec Shane.
by photoinfographiste

Monday, 19 March 2012

results: CSI 2012

On the official page of the CSI 2012 event you can find the results of the event that was held on the 17th and 18th of March organized by the Agility klub SKIPER Bratislava .The event was held in Horné Motešice - (žrebčín) ,Slovakia .At the CSI 2012 (CELEBRATION SPRING INTERNATIONAL) the judges were Michel Liekens (Belgium), Bernd Huppe (Austria) and Martina Vakoničová (Slovakia).

results 17.3.2012 here

results 18.3.2012 here

Saturday, 17 March 2012

1 april AWI QUALIFIER in Renče, Slovenia

On the 31st of march and on the 1st of April the Flipsi discdog Association organize 2 disc dog events. Qualifying competition for the AWI European and World Championships on Sunday April 1. Fun competition with a variety of events for all levels of competitors on Saturday March 31.The event will be held in Renče.
The deadline is March 25 for the AWI events and March 28 for the others.

more informations here

AWI Slovenia, 03.07.2011 - freestyle open
by tamc089

2012 Obedinece in Germany

On you have all the dates of the Obedience events in Germany for the 2012 season.

2012 Obedinece in Germany link

Shari in Emmendingen
by Woelfin42

2012 Dog trekking in Slovakia

On you can find all the dates of the dog trekking events in Slovakia for the year 2012.

2012 Dog trekking in Slovakia link

Dogtrekking v Or. Lesnej
by TVoravia

Friday, 16 March 2012

2012 discdog in Italy

On you can find all the dates of disc dog events in Italy for the 2012 season.

2012 disc dog in Italy link

Leo&Blaine - Rome 2011 - Freestyle Round 2
by discdogroma

2012 dog trekking in Poland

On you will find all the dates of dog trekking events in Poland for the 2012 season.

2012 dog trekking in Poland link

Dog Trekking Brenna 28.08.2010 - START
by GlamourPuncBaby

Thursday, 15 March 2012

REPORT: ChupasCabras Disc Dog Cup 2012

Here you have the the results and videos of the ChupasCabras Disc Dog Cup 2012 disc dog competition that was held on the 11th of March in Cesena,Italy

results here

Maia Gara Chupacabra 11-03-2012 a Cesena
by lucaturano

Francesco e SuperUffie
by malidogger

Barbara e Malì
by malidogger

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