Saturday, 30 April 2011

5 questions with : Jukka Pätynen

name: Jukka Pätynen
country: Finland

Have you ever offended anyone?
Yes, I have. But for my defense, I have to add that most of the times
it has not been deliberate.

Favorite food
Once in a while, home-made hamburgers can be truly terrific. While
shooting in agility competitions in the middle of the coldest winter
in arenas without warming, a freshly baked pancake can really make the
day! However, I tend to eat also a bit healthier foods here and there ;)

What sound or noise do you love?
This is a particularly interesting question, since my principal
occupation is in the acoustics industry. Therefore the sound I love
would probably be the one that a good orchestra is making in the
Grosser Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, Austria. On the other hand, As for
the noise, I love the loud cheer the Finnish supporters are making in
the final track in agility world championships!

What profession would you not like to do?
I've never enjoyed a thought of working at an assembly line or at a
market cash desk. I often find myself looking for varying tasks.

Where do you see yourself in the 2015?
Before that I've possibly burned out a few camera bodies, but still
not (hopefully) having taken the best shot ever.

AWI Qualifier and FDDO in Warsaw , Poland

On the 7th and the 8th of May in Warsaw Poland on the Park Kultury Powsin there will be two DISCDOG events in one : AWI Qualifier and FDDO .
more infomrations here

DCDC Warsaw 2010 - Lucka Schonova a Dixi by makychuckie

REPORT: Kaiseraugst Switzerland

The Agility Team Champion Dogs Olsberg have organized another agility competition on the 23rd and 24th of april 2011.
results here
by alaya2345

by alaya2345

by alaya2345

Friday, 29 April 2011

Kirican Disc Dog Freestyle

Kirican Disc Dog Freestyle
date: 7-8 may
location: Kirican Olomouc Lodenický 29.1 Bohuňovice, 783 14 Czech rep
more informations here
deadline 29 april
4. Kirican DiscDog Freestyle - OPEN: Jájina Malinská & Čelza
by KiricanDiscDog

REPORT: Gåsahoppet 2011

Here you have the results and videos of the Gåsahoppet 2011 agility competition that was organized by the Oxie BK and Skurups BK in Denmark on the 23rd of april 2011
results here 
Gåsahoppet 2011 by blomlarsen

Marianne og Zippo AG3  by blomlarsen

Marianne og Zippo AG3  by blomlarsen

fredag spring3 Marianne og Zippo  by blomlarsen

Agility Open Competition in Warszawa

Date: from the14th to the 15th of may
organizers : Klub Agility Fort 
Location: OLYMPIA wrks, Warsaw, ul. Górczewska 56/60
more infomrations here 
deadline 30 april
Mickey - agility camp KA FORT 2009
by tofsss

Thursday, 28 April 2011

5 questions with : Tuomas Oksanen 

this photo is a courtesy of KOIRAKUVAT.KUVAT.FI | JUKKA PÄTYNEN

name: Tuomas Oksanen
sport: Agility
country: Finland

Have you ever offended anyone?
I'm only a man and guilty of such a thing, but fortunately not very seriously.

Your favorite actor?
I actually don't have a favorite actor. I have watched a lot of movies and i like many of them.

3 things that you can't live without?
My pack (wife, kids and dogs)
Gadgets (phones, computers etc)

What is the first thing to do for a better world ?
start cycling to work. ;)

If I could choose an animal which animal would you be and why?
Eagle. I could be free like an eagle and just fly around.

Thomas and Raija (2nd place)
by sbc302

REPORT: European Selections Netherlands

Here you have the results and videos of the qualification for the European Open 2011. The event was organized by the KNK Cynophila club and KC Rdam in Bergschenhoek on the 25th of april 2011
results here
Dali Jumping Agility KC Rotterdam
by Femkeduc

Dali Vast Pacour Agility by Femkeduc

Dali Spel Agility by Femkeduc

Czech dog dance Qualification for the WC2011

date:7 may
location: Badmintonová hala, Na Balkáně 812 Praha-3 Žižkov
Kvalifikační závod na Mistrovství světa FCI 2011 v Heelwork to Music a Freestyle
deadline: 29 april
more informations here
Amazing Joy od Čeníčka dogdancing exam Heelwork to Music, judge: Petra Malá, Praha - Libuš
by dreamdogs

REPORT : 't Kruierke Belgium

Here you have some videos of the dog dance event that was held in 't Kruierke , Belgium on the 23rd of april 2011
chicka by dennis89742

gismo by dennis89742

rambo by dennis89742

Canine Freestyle performance of Kristine Goossens with Havanese Massivus Angel's Dalia Hanna "Dalia" (3 years and 5 months) on the theme song of the film HAPPY FEET (Gia Farrell - Hit me up) during the competition on 23/04/2011 in Balen (Belgium).
The routine is a combination of Dog Dance and Irish Dance (heavy shoe) with an American touch.
by felicianimali
Intermediate class 3rd place!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

REPORT: Osterturnier 2011 at the ÖGV Flavia Solva

Here you have the results and videos of the agility Osterturnier 2011 that was held in Wagna , Austria at the ÖGV Flavia Solva on the 24th of april 2011
results here
1 Steiermark ÖGV Flavia Solva
by rumpelstilzchen1311

LK3 Large, 2 Place
by sauro0608

A-Lauf 14. Osterturnier 24.4.2011 Jayden
by sammyyork

rally obedience in Osby , Sweden

On the 8th of may the Svenska Collieklubben Södra LO organize a rally obedience at the Osby Brukshundklubb in Osby , Sweden
more informations here and here
Lennarth is doing Rally-O with his German Shepherd.
by WaggingTails

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

interview with a dog trainer: Laura Ceccolini

when it comes to talk about rally obediece in Italy you can't appoint Laura.
She is a highly respected instructor of rally obedience and agility . She also does Pet Therapy and animal-human relationship educational activities in schools. At the Dog Olympic Games she gave us a good result by showing that his commitment and work has been done well. What to this interview and have fun with your dog(after the reading)

warm up questions...
you prefer a cup of coffee or tea ?
Coffee in the morning , tee in the afternoon

the last time you were cycling ?
I don’t remember it

last time you opened the fridge / why?
This morning to take some milk for my cup of coffee

Let's move on to something more useful ... to the interview

could you tell our readers a little about yourself
I was born and live in Trieste, Italy, I am married and have a son, and at the moment I have Luna, a Cairn Terrier female , 15 years old now, and Mia a Border Collie female , 5 years old.
I have always loved dogs , so when I married and had my own house I had my first dog , aGerman shepherd female.
So to relate better to my dogs I begun to take part to courses and lectures given by skilful trainers, scientists and everyone could teach me more about dogs. Some of them : R. ABRANTES, R. APLLEBY, S. CLOTHIER, I. DUNBAR, I. FARINAZZO, C. MARZOLI, I. SJOSTEN, B. SOPRANI, S. TRKMAN (alphabetical order!)
I like to pass all I have learned to other dog owners so I became became an instructor myself.
Now I teach Rally Obedience and Agility to my pupils.

Can you explain what is Vivere il Cane?
Vivere il Cane ( To live the dog) is an association of italian dog trainers that also organizes COURSES with important not Italian ethologist or dog trainers to spread a correct information about dogs.

Tell us all about your program.
Now I’m preparing for RALLY O competitions in Slovenia and Italy , and also, as soon the weather will be better , I will start to train again in AGILITY, because this winter was too wet and cold to do a good plan , and nor my dog, neither I, are ready for agility competition at the moment.

How much time you devote to training during the week?
I train with my dog three times a week , twice agility and once a week Rally O , but it depends also of the season , and if we have to prepare for competitions

You specialize in rally obedience, you did a podium at Olympiad, how it was?
It was really F A N T A S T I C!

What do you think about the dog olympic games? You have found something to change, some lack?
The 2010 D.O.G. was a first time event with a lot of competitors , and it is not simple to organize such a big event. What I found really disturbing the lack of coordination in the schedule of competitions. I took part in Agility and Rally O courses , and I had to compete in the same time in both disciplines, on two different and far away fields . So I choose to compete in Rally O without reconnaissance, and after agility and Jumping courses I have to drive to the Rally O field, where they was just waiting for me , as the last competitor... And my dog MIA was so generous to give me all her concentration and will to follow me in the RALLY O course!!!

How is the rally obedience scene in Italy?
It is a new discipline not yet spread . We have two different regulations , one for each association that promotes the discipline, but it is not yet recognized by ENCI , the Italian FCI association. The rules and the exercises are thought to allow every owner that has followed a basic obedience course to make a competition to test his qualification. These competitions are not make only for specific breed like IPO competitions.

What are your views regarding Cesar Millan and his dog training techniques?
I do not like the technique that Cesar Millan uses to solve the dogs’ problems. He uses only force to inhibit the behavior, just to impress television audience , and the method seems to work , till he is present , but very little changes when the owner is alone , and the price the dog must pay is really high, especially when the problem is caused by fear. What he teaches has nothing to do with an ethological relationship with MAN’S BEST FRIEND. I know that sometimes the dog could be aggressive and dangerous, but more culture could prepare future owners not to buy breeds not suitable to their lifestyle, and the absolute necessity to follow obedience courses , where no coercion methods are teaching.

What are the three most common reasons why dog owners comes to you?
The dog pull on leash; the dog doesn’t want to stay alone at home; and finally because they want learn how to have a dog who can spend all the time with the owner because it is an happy, educated dog!

Plans for the future
To improve my capacity to understand dogs, to see always better what they are thinking and feeling I will attend Ivan Farinazzo , Devil’s Lair school in Vicenza. Also because when you are training dogs for competition you have to consider that the quality of the exercises must be at the top, the physical and mental conditions of the dog must be trained as well , with correct amount of time of training and time of rest. Because you can win a competition but you can also “broke” the dog!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Dogs are the best for me , I cannot live without them!!!!!


Laura Ceccolini and Mia Dog Olympic Games 3° R.O.
by maurinovo

Laura Ceccolini and MIA Italy II° place in Slovenia (april 2010)
by maurinovo

all the photos are a courtesy of Laura Ceccolini

REPORT: 23 april Ptuj , Slovenia

Here you have the results and videos of the 1st round of the agility Slovenian National Championship also valid for the WC qualifiers held at the KD Ptuj in Ptuj ,Slovenia on the 23rd of april 2011
results here
Lu Agility in Ptuj
by uchka7

A2 L
by boksilona

A2 1st place
by SuperLego95

REPORT: 16april Gornja Radgona , Slovenia

Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition held at the ŠKD Križevci – Ljutomer in Gornja Radgona ,Slovenia on the 16th of april 2011
results here 
Tücsi Agility  by birozsofi

Maya Jumping by birozsofi

Philip Jumping by birozsofi

by Askica

Złoty Stok Dog trekking Poland

From the 7th of may you can join the second dog trekking event of the Polish dog trekking cup in Złoty Stok.
More informations here

MTB Marathon Złoty Stok 2010 

Monday, 25 April 2011

FMBB 2011 in Nieuwpoort, Belgium

This year the FMBB (Federation Mondiale de Berger Belge) organizes the BELGIAN SHEPHERDS world championship 2011 at the Sportpark of Nieuwpoort, Belgium
From the 1st to the 5th of June 2011
categories: Mondioring, Obedience, Agility
Dead line: 1st of may
official site
We'll see if in IPO Skogster Mia will be able to defend the title or Robert Parak will change the history and finally win the IPO FMBB title .But these are just guesses they are not in the list of participants.
What about the Tom Andrykowski in Mondioring .We would have a reconfirmation of the 2010 champion Jos Helsen. With regard the agility section maybe we will see the European Agility 2010 winner Jan Egil Eide(not in list) that will make the difference and will win the title of the agility FMBB 2011.
But there are many other participants that are ready to give their best in front of an audience hopefully very large.

obedience in Brescia

On the 1st of may the JK Dog Center ASD organize an obedience event in Brescia , Italy
more informations here
Crufts 2009 Bitch Obedience Championship - Linda & Denim
by elbi123

rally obedience in Beneden-Leeuwen (Gelderland) ,Netherlands

On the 1st of may the HDV de Vijffthienhont organize a rally obedience in Beneden-Leeuwen (Gelderland) ,Netherlands
more informations here 
deadline 26th of april
Rally obedience Tina (Slovenia)
by binatyronica

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hill's CUP 2011 1st round in Plzen

On the 30th of april and on the 1st of may the at the autocamp Bílá Hora, Plzen ,Czech can join the 1st event of the Hill's CUP 2011
deadline 27th of april
more informations here 
Hill's CUP Plzeň 2009
by michalzenisek

Rally Obedience 7th may Switzerland

On the 7th of may you can join the rally obedience event at the Reithalle Cavalli d'Oro in Biberist , Switzerland
more informations here 
deadline 25th of april
Great swiss mountain dog Nuba competing in Rally obedience / Slovenia

Saturday, 23 April 2011

mondioring at the Starcan Dog Club , Spain

On the 1st of may the Starcan Dog Club organize a mondioring event valid for the qualification for the FMBB 2012 event in Alicante , Spain
more informations here
Prueba Starcan 2005::Juan Segura con Sandra
by seguracan

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