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For memo dog the “PROs“ are all those people who have achieved excellent results in high level competitions , the people that are always on the top and the people that will be always on the top even without victory.

Nadine Hunsperger

Lena Boysen Hillestad

Memo dog have selected from around Europe some of the most experienced dog trainers and interviewed them ,becouse the dog trainer is "a must" for a good competitior.without them some people would not reached certain goals
 Barbara Soprani                                       Barbara Soprani in Italiano

Andrea Deeg

Danail Penev

Eva Zwicker

Rolando Mattolini

Cristina Radice Fossati

Olga Nylec

Antonio Rappazzo

Charles Shultz

Geert van Staeyen

How many times have you looked at some photo gallery about events on your computer. You have seen beautiful pictures but have you ever wondered who's' behind that photos. Well I've asked me and I decided to interview them. Interview the photographers doing what they loves most : bring home beautiful photos that make you go crazy after watching them at home. Those people who bring with them huge backpacks with amazing photo lenses that are the envy of those who carry the pocket cameras  during the competition. 

Pavel Humpolec

Iztok Noč

Maja Rokavec

Anke Müller

Chris Jolink

Patrik Selder

Svetlana Astashina

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