I'm Luca Bartole I'm from Slovenia.On my blog you can find a lot of informations about dog events around Europe (agility , discdog ,flyball ,dog dance, sheepdog, obedience ,IPO, mondioring, rally obedience , canicross, sled dog...all dog sports).On the blog you can find a lot of events reports , like competitions results and videos (from youtube) about the events.My blog is really simple and you can find a lot of informations about dog clubs , event places becouse every event I “post“ I collect a video about the dog club or about the last year event on the same place.
Basicaly the reason I have started this blog is that when I went on holidays somewhere in Europe I just search on my blog informations about the Country or Town that I will visit and find out if on the same time is some dog competitions there.
To get a better view of all that there is' behind the competition I decided to add some sections:

5 QUESTIONS (asks five questions to handlers around Europe)

INTERVIEW WITH A PRO (For memo dog the “PROs“ are all those people who have achieved excellent results in high level competitions , the people that are always on the top and the people that will be always on the top even without victory.)

INTERVIEW WITH A DOG TRAINER (Memo dog have selected from around Europe some of the most experienced dog trainers and interviewed them ,becouse the dog trainer is "a must" for a good competitior.Without them some people would not reached certain goals)

INTERVIEW WITH A POHOTGRAPHER (How many times have you looked at some photo gallery about events on your computer. You have seen beautiful pictures but have you ever wondered who's' behind that photos. Well I've asked me and I decided to interview them. Interview the photographers doing what they loves most : bring home beautiful photos that make you go crazy after watching them at home. Those people who bring with them huge backpacks with amazing photo lenses that are the envy of those who carry the pocket cameras  during the competition).

MEMO DOG BLOG  definition:

MEMO - Definition from wikipedia.org memorandum or memo is a document or other communication that helps the memory by recording events or observations on a topic, such as may be used in a business office. The plural form is either memoranda or memorandums .

DOG - Dog

BLOG - Definition from wikipedia.org 
blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order

p.s. Sorry for my bad English I just have to lear more.

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