Tuesday, 31 May 2011

REPORT: Kaiseraugst at the ATO Champion Dogs

On the 28th adn 29th of may the ATO Champion Dogs has organized another indoor agility event in Kaiseraugst
Here you have the results
videos from youtube
Nicole & Bliss 28.5.2011 Kaiseraugst Jumping
by LeeRoxyTeuk

Jumping Large A
by MudiAgility04

Jumping Kaiseraugst
by nicolebuerki

Agility Open Kaiseraugst
by nicolebuerki

REPORT: HSC de Pijnhorst

On the 28th and 29th of may the HSC de Pijnhorst has organized a two days agility competition in Netherlands
the results are here
This is Romy's 4th competition in class B1, and she makes her 3rd podiumplace, and is now promoted to class B2 (FCI grade 3).
by dddkelpie

Marieke en Norman JP
by dogpointmovies

Dominique en Enya
by dogpointmovies

Wizard agility Pijnhorst
by DDDBianca

National Youth championships and open tournaments in Köln , Germany

On the 18th adn 19th of june three dog clubs Agility Team Cologne, HSV Köln-Mülheim and Agility Rebenhüpfer Bad Neuenahr organizes Bundessiegerprüfung, National Youth championships and open tournaments. Two agility competitions in Köln , Germany
more informations here
deadline 2nd of june
Agility 2. RL-Turnier Köln-Mülheim_Melanie mit Miss Elly J3
by Fuzzi2009

Monday, 30 May 2011

5 questions with : Pavel Humpolec

the photo is a courtesy of Pavel Humpolec
2007 Frisbee Dvůr Králové © Bořek (www.borderkolie.cz)

name: Pavel Humpolec
country: Czech Rep.

Favorite food
Italian cuisine - pizza, pasta, salads, ... and last weeks I am trying
to find out a restaurant with good hamburger :-)

A typical day in your life?
Some work, warm bed, good meal, close friends, ...

What music can you not leave home when you go on a trip?
Prague Conspiracy - this band never lets you sleep.

Something that makes you happy ?
Happy people around me.

Where you see yourself in the 2014?
If you asked me a few years ago, my answer would probably be something
like: "Experienced developer in a big international company with wife,
a few kids and cats waiting for me at home." But today the year 2014
is much much closer, so I have to be more careful. I hope I'll be
happy with my camera in the middle of a big kennel? Something like
this :-)
I want to be as much successful as I don't be shame about myself.

FMBB 2011 Ultimate update

This year the FMBB (Federation Mondiale de Berger Belge) organizes the BELGIAN SHEPHERDS world championship 2011 at the Sportpark of Nieuwpoort, Belgium
From the 1st to the 5th of June 2011
official site 2011.fmbb.net
Like every year also this year the world Belgian Shepherd Dog Federation will organize the annual FMBB event. What is the FMBB?
For the "beginners" I have to write that FMBB means Federation Mondiale de Berger Belges and they organize every year a competition open only for dogs from this breed as the Groenendael, Malinois, Tervuren and the Laekenois. In this competition , with the breeds mentioned above , you can participate in four different disciplines which are IPO , mondioring , obedience , agility and the exposition .
One of the most expected event for the lovers of Mondioring and IPO (no offense to those of obedience , agility and expositions ). A great competition that every year presents us with a lot of very strong emotions and show. From the 1st to the 5th of june you will have the opportunity to see in confront the most famous owners of these breeds from the whole world. An unique event that annually brings together more people. After Slovenia, Austria, Czech rep. , Hungary and Germany this year as far back in the 2003 the event will be held again in Belgium, at the Sportpark of Nieuwpoort.
About the categories: IPO After the victory in 2010 of Mia Skogster this year we wait for a change because she does not seem to be present at the event.
One reason may be that Mia in the 2009 would have earned a victory since the German judge gave some defense points to Scherk . However ,She's busy with workshops in Germany.
In the Mondioring we will have the honour to see Tom Andrykowski (2008 champion and runner-2010) with 2 dogs.
Do not forget the obedience also be deprived of the two time champion in 2009-2010 Heidi Kaili . Who will be the champion in the 2011? I must remember that this year we will see the champion of the 2007 from Switzerland JENNY SUSAN.
Agility also wants its share and will have .After the victory in 2009 of Alain Remund and 2010 Christa Savolainen we maybe will witness a reconfirmation because Chirsta will be present this year and I think it certainly will give us an excellent run.
It Seems That This year many of the winners of previous editions will not be present at events like Mia Skogster (IPO champion 2010), Heidi Kaila (Obedience 2009-2010) Remund Alain (Agility 2009). There will be some veterans and present champions like Scherkl Edgar scored a second place in 1992 and became the champion in 2001 and has obtained several podiums!
Ok, the event is about to begin if you don't participate and If you're looking for some action go to Belgium and see the show.

Obedience in in Beckum ,Germany

On the 18th of june the AHC-Beckum organize an obedience event in Beckum ,Germany
more informations here 
deadline 1st of june
Obedience Beckum 2009
by jackouroxy

AcanaCup 2011 in Nymburk

On the 4th and 5th of june in the Czech city of Nymburk the ZKO Nymburk dog club organize the AcanaCup 2011.Two agility events.
more informations here
info for the 5th of june
Acana Cup Nymburk, 5. 6. 2010
by TheBaraBarnabas

Sunday, 29 May 2011

report: Agility Maribor 28 may 2011

On the 28th of may the KD Maribor has organized the 4th round of the Slovenian Agility Championship 2011 in Maribor.
the WINNERS are:
A1/J1 Small
A1/J1 Medium
A1/J1 Large
A2/J2 Small
A2/J2 Medium
A2/J2 Large
A3/J3 Small
A3/J3 Medium
A3/J3 Large
complete results here 
some youtube videos:

Viola Canina All That Magic (bearded collie) 

jumping Maribor 28.5. - 2.mesto


by KailiBC

Lu winning the 3rd qualifier for Liévin
by uchka7

Agility in Parma on the 4th and 5th of june

On the 4th and 5th of june the CENTRO CINOFILO SAN MICHELE organize two agility events in San Michele Tiorre , Parma,Italy
more informations here
San Michele in Tiorre - Francesca & Witch - Agility 1
by FabriJadeBH

Mondioring Spain Qualification for the WC

On the 22nd of may the Security Dog of Navalcarnero (Madrid) has organized a mondioring event valid for the qualification for the FMBB 2012 and the WorldChampioship 2011

The results are here

IRO World Champioship 2011

From the 29th of june to the 3rd of july the Belgian Rescue dog association will organize the IRO WORLD CHAMPIOSHIP 2011 in Chastre, Belgium
more informations here
the places of the events here
deadline 31st of may
Water rescue training with Newfoundland dogs
by willymoeys

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Trofeu de Mondioring Feux Farrouches / Ultra K9

On the 4th of june the Mondioring Association of Portugal organize the  Mondioring trophy Feux Farrouches / Ultra K9  in Guimarães.
more informations here 
deadline 28th of may
Campeonato do Mundo Mondioring 2006 Portugal - Celso Alves
by CelsoAlves1

Canicross of ETALONDES

On the 5th of june la Renaissance d'Etalondes organize a canicross event in ETALONDES (76)  ,France
more informations here
deadline 28th of may
Association de Canicross ; Empreinte 67
by Empreinte67

“MEMORIAL MAX“ in Verona

On the 2nd of june the CUD Verona and Agility Master organize an agility event in Verona ,Italy
More informations here
deadline: 31st of may
Paolo & Baby jumping 2° large CUD Verona 21/3/2010
by marconew66

three days of agility in Gredstedbro ,Denmark

From the 11th of june to the 13th of june the Ribe Hundevenner organize a three days agility event in Gredstedbro ,Denmark
more informations here 
deadline 30th of may
Zippo og Marianne Ribe Hundevenner AG3, Nr. 2 med cert :-
by blomlarsen

Friday, 27 May 2011

Castelnuovo Rangone report

On the 21st and 22nd of may the DTC Dog Training Center Vignola has organized an agility competition in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO).The results are online here.
Here you have some videos from youtube
Claudio e Bea Agility Castelnuovo Rangone MO
by witchypasticcci

Marianna e Stella Jumping debuttanti
by witchypasticcci

Claudio e Bea Open
by witchypasticcci


From the 2nd to the 5th of june in Czech rep. at the campsite of Stonožka v Dívčím Hradě you can join a dog trekking event.You will choose a long trekking about 80-100km or a MID about 40km.
more informations here

Thursday, 26 May 2011

report: Monza GP Royal Canin 2011

On the 21st and 22nd of may the Gruppo Cinofilo Monzese Corona Ferrea has organized a big dog sports event .The main event was the agility competition followed by other competitions discdog
, flyball, dog dance . An event with international competitors in all categories.
A report my the organizers vith some photos here
Here you have the results
and some videos
Daniele & Yoyo
by drwuba

by spongy73

Monza Team runs
by bomalino

GP royal canin Monza 2011 1
by devilska

GP royal canin dog dance eibition
by devilska

by devilska

2. Beach-Agility-Turnier

On the 19th of june the DKBS & OG Holtriem organize the 2. Beach-Agility-Turnier at the sandy beach in Nessmersie ,Germany
more informations here
deadline 3rd of june
Beach Turnier OG Holtriem Jennifer Pille mit Bayuma vom Wulfs Wurf Jum1
by Killer100002

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SwissHotDogs Cup 2011

On the 11th of june the Swiss HotDog organize a major UFO discdog event in Uster, Switzerland
more informations here
deadline 28th of may
www.discdog-ostschwiiz.ch beim Hundefrisbee Turnier am 22.Mai.2010 in Uster. Alen & Diva (Dobermann) sind in der Freestyle Open Klasse gestartet. 4.Platz
by alensoldic

rally-o in Grosuplje

On the 5th of june the KD Grosuplje organize a rally obedience event in Grosuplje , Slovenia The competition is valid for the Slovenian Rally Obedience Championship 2011
more informations here
deadline 1st of june
Kelpie Raa on Rally O in Grosuplje, 16.5.2010, 1st place
by boksilona

UFO local in Diekholzen

From the 4th to the 6th of june Doolittle&friends in the city of Diekholzen in Germany organize a discdog event .
The program
Mini Distance / Toss & Fetch
Fun Freestyle
Freestyle Beginners
Freestyle Open
more informations here
Discdog Ostern bei den Doolittle & Friends
by Deestyled

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

5 questions with : Edit Perger

name: Edit Perger
sport: Dog Dance
country: Hungary

If you have 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?
If i had 1 million dollars I'd buy horses, border collies and a big farm.

What do you like about dog dance?
What I like about dog dance, honestly is my dog, who is a genius and we can dance together very well.

When did you get your own first dogs?
I bought my first dog when I was 25 years old.

How is the dog dance scene in Hungary?
Unfortunately there arn't too much seminars, but the competitions are pretty good and there are many talented dog dancers in Hungary.

Goals for the 2011?
Our dog is pregnant, one puppy is going to stay with us and he or she will also go to dog dancing competitions. I'm planning to continue doing competitions .In september with the mother dog and also with the puppy, I'd like to start teaching it when it will be 6 months old.

Rally-O at the Canis Cunerae

On the 5th of june the Canis Cunerae dog club organize the 2nd official rally obedience event in Netherland.The event will be held in Rhenen, Utrecht
more informations here
Natalie met Keshna. Novice 2e Parcours.100 pts Rally-O proef KC Kennemerland Heemstede. 26--09-2010
by RallyOdogsport

Obedience in Mijnsheerenland report

On the 21st of may the Dutch Obedience Society has organized ana obedience event in Mijnsheerenland ,Netherlands
results here
photo gallery here

report:Open turnament in Mannheim Feudenheim

On the 22nd of may the SV OG Mannheim Feudenheim has organized an agility Open turnament in Mannheim Feudenheim , Germany
the results are available here
videos from youtube :
Sabrina + Raika A2 large
by mandana1982

Corina + Timmy Spiel A1/A2 (1st place)
by mandana1982

Corina + Wilma A1 midi
by mandana1982

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