Tuesday, 31 January 2012

5 questions with : Olga Nylec

name:Olga Nylec
sport: Rally Obedience , obedience , agility ,dog trekking , ...
country: Poland

favorite food ?
Italian pasta

When did you get your own first dogs?
In high school

your favorite day of the week ?
Saturday (I have a time to do some tracking with my dog which is very relaxing for me).

Do you have some other passion outside of that for dogs ?
Love play tenis, jogging, basketball - mane of my dog is Lebron after Lebron James ;)

What is the favorite toy for your dogs?
Tennis ball

some tricks with Olga...by psiok1

REPORT: Pedigree WinterCup KOSSP "Zagreb"

Here you have the results and videos of the Croatian Pedigree WinterCup , agility competition , organized by the KOSSP Zagreb . The event was held in Ivanić Grad , Zagreb on the 28th of january 2012

results here

Željko Gora 1st place jumping
by bomalino

by vdeci

Andreja Jakopič & Asja Angel A3 Large
by ajakopic

REPORT: 2nd round Speed Dogs Wintercup 2011/12

Here you have the results and videos of the 2nd round of the Speed Dogs Wintercup 2011/12 , organized by the ÖRV HSV Gmunden on the 29th of january , at the Ballsporthalle Schwanenstadt in Vor der Au, Schwanenstadt , Austria.

the last 2 rounds:
19. February 2012 , judges: Otto Frühwirt (AUT), Peter Kindle (LI)
18. March 2012 , judges: Iveta Lukacova (SVK), Roman Lukac (SVK)
more informations here

results here

all wintercup results here

Pumi Dana
by pumipower

Agility Team Braunau
by Hoefelbraunau

Wolfi und Cookie
by Hoefelbraunau

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Šediváčkův long 2012 results

Here you have the results and a photo gallery of the Šediváčkův long 2012 that was held in the Orlicke mountains , Czech Rep. from the 25th to the 28th of January 2012.

results here

photo gallery here

Friday, 27 January 2012

5 questions with : Cristina Radice Fossati

name: Cristina Radice Fossati
sport: obedience , rally obedience , agility
country: Italy

What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?
''A fish called Wanda'', simply because it makes me laugh and relax

What would you like to change about the world?
I would like cities to be more livable, especially for children

What's your happiest childhood memory?
I have so many: the first time I rode a horse, my first regatta, the adventurous games with my friends, etc.

The last thing you did that made you happy
Seeing my child practicing ''agility'' with my dogs

Last time you watch TV (What)?
I saw a program on Discovery channel about people with "super powers", both physical and mental. I was flabbergasted!

Tricks di Pluto con il clicker
by educazionedelcane

Thursday, 26 January 2012

REPORT: 21-22 jan Chatillon (AO) ,Italy

On the 21st and 22nd of January the Funny Dog Aosta Club have organized two agility competitions in Chatillon (AO).Here are the results and videos.

results here

22/1/2012 Chatillon(AO).Giovanni e Break agility 3 small http://www.centrocinofiloleini.it
by marconew66

21.01.12 Matteo e Tiffany Agility
by elenaassinie

Fe e Pan Agility
by elenaassinie

REPORT: 22-23 jan Birmensdorf agility

On the 22nd and 23rd of January the SSSC & Agility-Profis have organized two agility competition in Birmensdorf, Switzerland.Here are the results and videos.

results 22nd January here

results 23rd January here

Birmensdorf 22.1.12, Open
by dalmatinergoesdiva

Jumping - Bonny
by Dajakida

Agility Birmensdorf 22.01.2012 - Open - Bonny
by Dajakida

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

REPORT: 2nd round Winter Hallen Cup 2011/12 Pottendorf

Here are the results and videos of the 2nd round of the Winter Hallen Cup agility competition that was held at the ÖRV HSV Pottendorf on the 22nd of January 2012.

results here

Odie - Pottendorf Winterhallen Cup LA3
by TheCIAgi

Nelly in J-small - Wintercup Pottendorf
by angi121080

22.01.2012, ÖRV Pottendorf
J-Open, Polly & Engelbert, V0 1. Rang, Gesamt 4. Rang
by Sofawoelfchen

Sunday, 22 January 2012

interview with a dog trainer: Antonio Rappazzo

The dog trainer that we have to deal with this month come from Italy and exactly from Sicily. Antonio Rappazzo , a "all around" trainer , he train agility, obedience , disc dog and organize dog trekking events. With some friends he have founded the first disc dog club in Sicily and they are very motivated to evolve this sport on their island and in Italy.
Another very nice interview :D

Antonio and the warm up questions...
Last thing that you eat?
The salad

Your favorite color

What song plays in your head this week
"Ciuri Ciuri" mixed version, it’is a popular song of our Sicily ...

Ok , I think is enough , let's be more serious begin with the interview
Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
I'm from Bafia, a small hamlet in Castroreale, where I spent my childhood, I climbed on the wall full of rocky coves until I reached the nests of kestrels (cacciaventuli) and up on the pine trees to reach nests of magpie(caccarazze) and every kind of raptor. I competed with my friends who had sighted more eggs or birds’ nests, looking for lizards(lucirtuluni) and snakes and I was racing with the donkey(scecchi), my grandfather had got two. I had the availability of a room where I breed, small birds: canaries, blackbirds (merri i fattina) ,snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs(Uzzi), goldfish and river crabs (iambiri)

 When did you get your own first dogs?
I ‘ve got my first dog when I was 13. It was the result of a crossbreed of two hunting dogs. It was a male, smooth and brown coat with the final part of the tail white. I took it home against my parents wishes but fortunately they soon accepted him. I think he had no more than 30 days (unfortunately I had not much knowledge at the time). I called it Joi and I remembered I was on seventh heaven. Joi was my shadow. I didn’t teach a lot to Joi but we understood each other on a sight. Our favorite game was to chase each other, to fight and to play hide and seek.

Tell me a little bit about your start in dog sports?
When I was 18 years old I enlisted to army leaving my affections, my nature, and Joi. At work, unable to keep dogs, I started to read magazines, I still collect them with training manuals. In my spare time I’ve attended centers and observed dog training. At that time (80’) dog training, in fact, was very coercive. At the beginning I attended courses, often organized by the associations who practiced IPO and when I had the opportunity of being in contact with the dogs of my colleagues or people I knew, I offered to teach them some exercises to practice with their dog. Since then I never stopped and I never felt more gratified, of course I offered my experience without demanded money. Soon I realized that people considered me an expert, I taught them how to gain respect from their dog and not only, in fact, in 1999 I knew the sport of Obedience and I felt in love. Thanks to the knowledge transmitted by Carlo Marzoli, a great dog lover that I admire so much, I tried to spread it in Sicily. My training methods were completely different from those commonly used here and the traditional local trainers snubbed me especially when I used the clicker.

Tell me about the Associazione Cinofila ACDOS "Dog Obedience Society" ? How it's all started?
When I moved to Sicily and in particular in Barcellona PG (2000) I didn’t find training centers practicing different sports from IPO. However I continued to help friends and acquaintances to manage and control their beloved dogs. Following the philosophy: to live for dogs and not with dogs, soon I became a reference point for a group of people who shared my same passion. I began to organize competition and Dog Trekking, to elaborate special regulations that was closer to other regulations of the North Italy. So it was necessary to found an association that should govern the way I practice dog training, and the 27.09.2001 was born ACDOS. This decision was shared by my friend Gianluca Sidoti who supported me since my arrival so as did Franco Cutugno. Since then we had been always side by side and we went forward in unison learning Sicilian obedience, agility and ultimately Disc Dog. We are the instructors of the center and everyone define us the twins. I am happy and proud to have met Franco because we help each other and support each other like real brothers.

In February Mark Muir comes for a disc dog Workshop at your club.
Why did you choose him ?
During a seminar on Rally-Obedience, performed by Barbara Soprani Professional Dog Trainer, some games with discs were included and this was so amusing that we were spurred to undertake the discipline of the Disc Dog. It was Barbara to provide us the foundations of the discipline, giving us all his knowledge sparing no effort, as do "someone". We began to study it in all its entirety and then from the point of view of the handler and dog. Netsurfing on line looking for models to follow we got enthusiastic about Mark Muir. We like the way Mark moves or plays Disc Dog. We believe that he’ll give us a lot. It is a little over an year that we practice this discipline so before moving to the next level, to avoid making mistakes, we want to grow slowly following a guideline in tune with the way we interpret ”love of dogs”, focusing our efforts to do our better without leaving space for improvisation. We understand that the professionalism, experience and the basis for judging of Mark is indispensable for a discdogger.
Mark! we look forward to your arrival

What courses are most attended at theACDOS?
The basic education courses. Our Association take courses for the insertion of man and dog in the social environment, we spread canine culture in leaflets that we distribute free in shops and activities during our performances in the squares, in parish recreation center, in school and during Grest. These demonstration activities are completed by the students themselves so that people realize that everyone can achieve these results . In this regard we also have a magazine format that we have titled "Canine" by which sensitize owners to take greater care and knowledge of the canine world so that they realized the importance to attend centers managed by professional instructors. At the end of the course we issue the license for dog-handler with the permission of the dog training school of "Il Biancospino" with which we work since 2002.

What techniques do you use for training ?
The technique of the "gentle way", which, of course, is very personal. I think every instructor is different from another because - as a dear girl friend of mine said - everyone has its own style. I try to give my style to pupils fascinating them with the results that they achieve. I work a lot on the owners, they may have confidence and practicality in handling the animal generating mutual respect. In any case, this question deserves an answer much broader, but then we would fill many pages, it depends on the situation , the dogs are all different (age, temperament, breed predisposition, attitudes, experiences, and docility, temper, temperament, power forth and so on) as several owners are with their habits and the environment in which they fit their dog. Finally I would say that my technique is very calm, very carefully and it conducts analysis of dog and owner in the right direction.

You are involved in rally Obedience and disc dog. Which category you prefer in discdog?
Yes, last year, I started at a competitive level with the discipline of Rally O I’ve participated at the Dog Olympic Games that it was held in Lignano Sabbiadoro enjoying an excellent result with Sabbia (female Labrador retriever). On this occasion I reached the final finishing in second place. Then I directed my energies in the diffusion of this discipline, leaving at the moment, the competition because I believe that this discipline is the launching pad into other more challenging disciplines.
As before mentioned, it’s thanks to Barbara and Franco, who was captured by the first disc, I was dragged, with good will, in this world. At the age of 42 years is not easy to compete with young people, but the fun has prevailed. I had to change the setting of my dog ​​Scoobydoo - Border Collie that still follows me. I am not yet ready to face challenging competition, but I have a clear idea of ​​what is this sport . It 's a matter of time.

I started with the Regulation Skyhoundz. I find it suitable for beginners because there is more possibility of inventive and there are no compulsory figures, however, I admit that the regulation USDDN it’s more complete and, for me, it reflects the best part of the DISC DOG focusing on owner/dog and even more, the same association promotes the safety of the dog by introducing a table of penalties.

What are the achievements you are most proud of?
Those of my students! I admit that I like to compete, I like to compare myself with strongest people, this is exciting and makes you grow, but I’m very proud when my pupils collect appreciations during the races and when other recognized our style. However one of the success I am proud of is that of my daughter Roberta, at the age of nine years, during a competition of obedience, beginners class, she was ranked in second place, with the title of excellent, to a point after the first (professional). I don’t find funny to talk about my successes, but I can’t mention the semi-finals of the DOG when Franco and I have passed the turn to reach the exact same result. This exalts our work that puts us on the same level that we never tires of calling "style."

Who has had the most impact on your life?
Obviously the family who encouraged me in pursuing this passion and still supports me, often making great sacrifices.

How goes a typical day in your life?
I wake up at 07:00a.m .I work from 08:00a.m until 2:00p.m.,break until 4:00p.m. and then back to work until 8:00p.m. unless there are any complications. Unfortunately, the work is not always planned, and so sometimes I am forced to do different shifts, especially at night. However I can find few moments to training with my four dogs (Frida female Labrador two years, Sabbia female Labrador7 years, Scobydoo border collie 2 years, Drak Swiss pastor 3 years). My job demand me many responsibilities, that's why I said that I live for dogs and not with dogs. Love for dogs is a nice small world that separates me from everyday life that often has devastating aspects (see finally the inundation 22.11.11. that kneels down the city of Barcellona PG where I work.)

What music can you not leave home when you go to a competition ?
I like country music. I always prepare a CD, various artists, I listen to during the trip.

Where you see yourself in the 2015?
In Sicily! involved in arranging the Disc Dog event of the year

Do you have any advice for who begins working with dogs?
Work is a big word, I personally believe that to work is a synonymous of responsibility, dedication and passion. Unfortunately, many young dog lovers attending courses to obtain recognition as dog trainers and once they get it they jump in this world opening new centers, they go in the square or at home, with no training experience, from the point of view of practical activity, to manage situations, even with the same dog, in different circumstances, that might need to be addressed differently. My advice is that before you start working with dogs you have to come abreast of professionals, people who don’t hide anything that is in their knowledge and they openly get involved in, they recognize errors, people who love dogs ,who don’t seek the prestige ,who safeguard the welfare of the animal and the handler and then last but not least in order of importance you should rely on people who have fun while doing their "work", people who are gratified by the success of their students.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for giving me voice it was very nice.
Dog lovers, enjoy yourself

visit: www.acdogos.org

the photos are a courtesy of Antonio Rappazzo

RALLY OBEDIENCE September 5, 2011 at the  ACDOS Barcelona  PG (ME)
Judges: Barbara Soprani, Antonio Rappazzo Franco Cutugno
by iolandagitto

ACDOS Obedience -esercizi in gruppo-
By marianofrancocutugno

results: AlpenTrial 2012

Here you have all the results and a photo gallery of the Alpen Trial 2012.

The podium:
1 Heini Winter GER
2 Marte Heilemann NOR
3 Helmut Peer AUT

8-dogs Nordic Breed
1 Weber René

1Sylvia Ulrich GER
2 Lukas Kriegler GER
3 Martin Dickel GER

6 dogs Nordic Breed
1 Arnold David
2 Neubauer Nino
3 Münkel Christian

1 Pavel Sarkovsky CZE

all the results here

photo gallery by Hans Rogg here

REPORT: 2nd round Slovenian Agility WinterCup 2011/12

Here you have the results and videos of the 2nd round of the Slovenian Agility WinterCup 2011/2012 that was held in Prestranek on the 21st of january 2012 ,Organized by the ŠKD Postojna.

results here

Agility Prestranek 21 10 2012 SPORT DOGS PALMANOVA
by hilary95cry

Ares Impossibile Bello agility
by ubabunski

Tuffy at 2 Slovenian Winter Cup 1st in A run again :)
by akivilo

Friday, 20 January 2012

REPORT: 14-15 jan agility in Hyvinkää

Here you have the results and videos of the agility event in Hyvinkää, that was organized by the Janakkalan Koirakerho ry (JANKK) on the 14th and 15th of January 2012.

results 14 jan here

results 15 jan here

complete results here

Visa Hyvinkää C 15.1.2012
by vinkeinen

Mari & Venla Hyvinkää 14.1.2012 Agility A
by Pikkubretoni

Jasu Hyvinkää 15.1.2012
by yonsteri

28-29 jan Lydiard Canix

From Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2012 you can be a part of the Lydiard CaniX / 5XC event . A canicross and bikejoring event (5km and 2.5km).
Location: Lydiard Park, Swindon, Wiltshire (with kind permission of Swindon CC)
deadline: 23 january

more informations here

Crufts 2008 - Cani-Cross part 1
by OfficialCrufts

Thursday, 19 January 2012

REPORT: 14-15 jan Agility Milano

Here you have the results and videos of the agility competition that was held in Milano-Rho on the 14th and 15th of January 2012.

results here

Debby e Baloo Milano Agility
by deluchey

Agility expo internazionale canina Milano
by OfficinaGraficaByKia

Europa cup 2012

Here are all the dates of the ESDRA (European Sled Dog Racing Association)Europa cup 2012.

7.-8./01-2012             Norway, Hamar Sleddogrfestival
7.-8./01-2012            France, ALPIRUSH, Vassieux en Vercors
14.-15./01-2012       Swiss, Splügen GR
28.-29./01-2012       Norway, Norwegian Sleddog championship Part 1
4.-5./02-2012            France,  Les Saisies (Savoie)
4.-5./02-2012           Norway, Hadelandsløpet, Lygna skisenter
11.-12/02-2012        France, ORCIERES (Hautes Alpes)
11.-12/02-2012        Swiss, Lenk BE
21.-22./02-2012        France, LA VALGAUDE Valgaudemar  (Hautes Alpes)
21/1 - 04/02-2012   Spain, PIRENA ADVANCE 2012, Spanish, French and Andorran Pyrenees
17.-19/02-2012         France, European Championchip, Les Fourgs
25.-26/02-2012       Norway, Norwegian Sleddog Championship Part 2
3.-4./03-2012          France, Championnat de France   Les Estables (Haute Loire)
10.-11./03-2012     Swiss, Les Mosses VD
23.-25./03-2012     Finland, Sleddog Race Lewi

more informations here

Finał Mistrzostw Europy ESDRA 2010 psich zaprzęgów na Kubalonce
by gchudzik

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

La Grande Odyssée 2012 after the stage 9a

Here you have the results .photo gallery and videos after the 9th stage part 1 of La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2012 edition.

photo gallery here

Total time
Miloš Gonda
Jean Philippe Pontier
Radek Havrda
Salva Luque
Jimmy Patterson
Miloslav Mikolasek
Jack-Gérard Gaspard
Daniel Juillaguet
Isabelle Travadon
Jean Combazard
Miquel Angel Martinez
Jaco Alex Ulmann
Thomas Hoffmann
the results and the official overall rankings are here


La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2012 - étape... by LGO-Blog

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2012 - Etape... by LGO-Blog

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2012 - etape... by LGO-Blog

Royal Canin Winter Chempionship 2012

The  Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports organize a Sled dog race on the 11th of February at the  www.kamparkalns.lv (3km from Talsi).

The Categories (Open and FCI Nordic classes):
1 dog skijoring
2 dog sled (min 1x break)
4 dog sled (min 1x break and 1x hook)
6 dog sled (min 2x breaks and 1x hook)
Minipulling* - dogs under 20 and above 20kg
*Minipulling is a fun event - dog has to pull a mini sled of 20kg over ~100m for fastest time (equipment provided by organisers)

more informations here

Monday, 16 January 2012

interview with a PRO: Sven Van Driessche

From Belgium , a disc dogger that knows what it means disc dog. Here is the interview with Sven Van Driessche , the "Skyhoundz master" . One who do everything to organize competition and expand this fabulous sport in his country and in Europe.
As usual a great interview :D

Sven and the warm up questions...

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 
I'm living a dream for the moment. There's probably no job in the world better than mine. I get to work with dogs everyday and since I'm home based, it gives me the opportunity to enjoy their company all the time. They are very well behaved employees and I never have a strike.

What sound or noise do you love? 
The sound of my dogs when they are fast asleep and dreaming is one of my favorites. They all snore at different frequencies which means it can be a fun concert at times.

Last time you watch TV (What)?
I try to keep up to date by watching the news every day. Mostly the tv is only background noise or moving wallpaper for the dogs. A part from the news, I also like sports programs. Especially tennis since I was a reasonably good player in the »old« days.

...let's be more serious begin with the interview

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself 
Starting with the dogs obviously, there are 2 of the 4 in our pack that play. The dog that is responsible for getting both my wife and me hooked, is Jumper. He's was 7 months when we rescued him from a shelter and he was in a pretty bad shape mentally. When he became 4, we discovered the sport at a dog school nearby (about 50 km from home at that time) and it immediately had effect on our relationship and he started to trust me more and more. The problems with his behavior got better and better and also the results in competition followed. I'm proud to say he took second place at the Skyhoundz European Championship in 2009, hosted by Flydogs Hungary.
The second dog we trained was a chocolate Labrador Retriever, called Choco. She started chasing discs at 8 weeks and we knew from the start this was no ordinary Labbie. Now, at 6 years of age, she's still loving every second we spend together and her tail tells me that over and over again.
Already from the early days we started playing, we were addicted and it was only a short time later when we crossed several borders to go and play in Germany and Holland. Since Belgium (still) has very little competitions and there are not that much people involved in hosting competitions, there was no other option to learn. In 2009 we hosted our first Skyhoundz World Championship Qualifier solo and a year later we were rewarded by the founders with the European Championship. We continued this tradition and together with Mike Miller we also started a new kind of competition where the fun is more important than the result and named it after Kathy Miller and her partner Ruckus. Unfortunately Kathy passed away a year after we started this but also this tradition will continue and goes in to its fifth edition this year. A part from hosting and playing, I also give seminars on disc dogging, anatomy and physiology. I think it's very important to know how your dog moves and especially with a larger breed it's necessary to keep their limits in mind.
by Thomas Scheir

Tell me a little bit about your start in discdog.
What has fascinated you in discdog at the beginning?
What still fascinates me every day is the drive the dogs have and the fun as well, all caused by a little round piece of plastic. Also the fact it is a sport for the body as well as for the mind makes it a perfect workout. Another thing that struck me is the camaraderie you can find in the sport. We have met so many fantastic people who all think alike. There are a couple of people of whom I can say they really changed the way I saw life.

Do you remember your first competition?
It was in Belgium in 2006 with Jumper in Distance. We had a great time but my throws were just too far off to stand a chance.

What are your greatest satisfactions in your career?
The greatest satisfaction is the fact I know I can provide a healthy and diverse life for my dogs and in the mean time enjoy myself. The fact my wife supports me every step of the way and you see places and meet interesting people also helps, of course. Another one that is high on the list is hosting both the 2010 as well as 2012 Skyhoundz European Championship. For a small country with not that much players or sponsors, it's very nice to know players appreciate the efforts make and are happy to come back. On a result base, I am very proud of the victories in the KMARCh with Jumper and Choco, as well as being able to play with Choco at the 2011 Skyhoundz World Championship. It's not easy to compete against the more agile and lean dogs but she managed to qualify for both freestyle as distance/accuracy. With Jumper we could have been there 5 times already, but since he's afraid to fly, we'll never know how he would have done amongst the best in the world. His most stunning result was taking second place in Budapest at the European Championship. I know the dogs don't give a damn about the result and they are just as happy playing in the garden but it's still nice, no?

You are also the owner of the K9 DISC STORE . How are proceeding the businesses?
We started with this project in 2009 when the sport wasn't that big in Europe yet. Now that more and more people are playing in the different countries, the amount of discs needed is increasing just as well. The main philosophy behind the store is to provide people and clubs with the discs they require at a fair price, topped with a quick and personal service. And that's also our mission for the future.

What do you have/sell ? Can we order from all over the Europe?
We sell all disc types produced by Hyperflite and Hero Disc USA as well as the bags made by Innova. Everyone can order from the site by mail, individual players as well as clubs or web shops.

Favorite trick?
The most fun trick to do as well as the most useful for my routine, is the shuffle. It allows you to take a breath (my dogs have always been very fast so you run around a lot), give the dog a break, resume control and pick up the routine in case I'm out of inspiration. Since I don't have a fixed routine and most of the performance is improvisation, it can be useful to gather your thoughts for a second and try to remember what you are forgetting. The fun and challenging part about it is that the speed of execution.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I think my strongest point is my imagination and creativity. The fact you can change your routine according to the conditions outside is a true benefit. Also it allows me to break down some of the more complicated moves and make it easier on the dog to learn a new trick.
My weakest point is without any doubts: nerves. Before entering the field I'm still nervous. This was proven once more on our last trip to the USA, when you throw 3 out of 5 discs out of bounds in a wind still environment, you know who to blame.
by Thomas Scheir

Can you give our readers some tips that they should remember when training their dog?
There are two things that come to mind. The first is to always adapt your training and tricks to the ability of the dog and its physical limitations.
The second one is something Mark Muir said on a seminar in France last year. And that's to enjoy every second of playtime you get with your dog. If you are really lucky you can play about 4 years with a strong dog. If you count 10 competitions a year, that means you're on the field for about 30 minutes a year in freestyle. That's 2 hours of competition time with your dog in his life. Need to say any more?

What music can you not leave home when you go to a competition ?
There is not really any type of music that I can't listen to. We always have a fair amount of cd's in the car so it never gets boring when we are driving to a competition.

Which is the favorite toy for your dog?
Easy one... discs!!! Except for VaVite that's their toy of preference, the little one likes is more into dummies and hide and seek games. Since she has spondylosis, disc dogging has never been an option.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?

visit www.k9discstore.com

all the photos are a courtesy of Sven Van Driessche

Sven in action by WetTailsSven

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