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interview with a PRO: Jessica Martin

This month , I have published a special interview from overseas. The Interview with a pro from Canada , The incredibly talented Jessica Martin. Jessica is the only Canadian to have won the FCI World Championship . She did it in the 2012 in Germany with her ​​young dog "Dice". Jessica’s agility career began at the age of 13. She has many years of experience training dogs of all breeds , she promotes positive and motivational methods of training which are fun for both the dogs and their handlers. She has trained under the finest trainers Including Adrian Rooyakkers, Susan Garrett, Greg and Laura Derrett Derrett. Jessica Martin is the owner and instructor of Agile Dog Training located in Erin, Ontario.
I think is enough to understand with who we are dealing with ... just read this extraordinary interview :)

Jessica and the warm up questions...

What music can you not leave home when you go to a competition ?
I always bring a variety of music to a competition ranging from upbeat pop music to hard rock and metal. I use my music to help keep me focused and intense when I am walking a course at a large competition. I also change my music depending on which of my dogs I am running since they all have their own running style.

What is the job that you wanted to do as a child ?
As a child, I always wanted to be a horseback riding instructor. I was involved with horses from a very young age but when I started training my first dog for agility, I found that I didn't have enough time to do both. I chose to continue training my dog, which has lead me to my current career in dog agility.

Something that makes you angry ?
I don't like when people are not fair to their dogs and expect them to perform perfectly without putting in the time and training. We aren't always perfect and we can't expect our dogs to be all the time. It's the teamwork that is most important to determine if you have a good agility run.

Ok , better to forget and pass to something more serious

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
My journey into dog sports began 11 years ago whenI bought my first dog at the age of 13 and joined a club that trained obedience and agility. I quickly developed a love for training and agility which lead me to try and improve my skills. At the age of 18 I made it onto the Canadian world team for the first time and got to compete at the FCI World Championships. Teaching agility is now my full time business. I teach lessons at my own facility in Ontario, Canada and travel all over the world to present seminars. Here are my current dogs and some of their accomplishments:
Mikki (11 yr oldshetland sheepdog): 2 time National Champion, 3 time World Team Member
Kash (9 yr oldNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) National Champion, World Team Member
Dice: (6 yr old Shetland Sheepdog): 2010 FCI Gold Medalist, 2011 WAO Gold Medalist, 3 time World Team Member
Heist: (9 month old border collie puppy)

To learn more about my dogs and their accomplishments visit their pages on my webiste at www.agiledogtraining.com

At the beginning of your career in agility, who was beside you, who gave you the initial input,your mentor, if there was .Who is beside you nowadays?
My main mentor and training partner for my entire agility career has been Adrian Rooyakkers. He began as my agility instructor when I first started in agility and has since become a close friend and training partner that continues to push me to the next levels in my training. Over the years he has helped me develop my competitive spirit that has helped me be successful in high pressure events. Susan Garrett and Greg Derrett have also helped me to develop my handling and dog training skills over the years. My parents have been very supportive over the years and although they have no dog training experience, they drove me to competitions and training practices always making sure I had the oppourtunity to do my best.

Tell me a little bit about your start in dog sports?
When my parents agreed to let me get my first dog, they insisted that I take him to obedience training so he learned to be well behaved. I started in obedience initially but soon found that my true passion lay in agility training. I found it much more exciting to train my dog to perform agility obstacles. I had no experience training a dog and was very young to be training my own dog for agility but I was dedicated and it paid off in the end.

Do you remember your first agility competition?
I attended my first agility competition when my first dog was 18 months old (minimum age in Canada). A group of people from my club was attending the competition and told me I should enter my dog as well. We didn't run clean on any of the runs and I was still unsure of the rules but we had a good time and I continued to enter competitions after that and got better with more experience.

Dice is very young and has started winning immediately, there seems to be something special between you and Dice , Isn't it?
Dice is a very special dog to me and runs every agility run because she loves to work with me rather than loving agility. She is usually found sleeping before her run and is always calm until she goes in the ring. Most people see her in agility as the fast, driven agility dog that always tries as hard as she can, but she is actually a very sensitive dog that has had to work through many fear and shut down issues. Dice has taught me patience and how to adapt my training to the individual dog. I ignored people when they told me that she was a shut down dog because I knew that she had the potential to be great. When we enter the ring at the World Championships I always tell her that I'll run if she does and she always gives me everything she has. I am very grateful for the lessons she has taught me.

You won and still winning with your dogs .Seems that you can express 100% of yourself with them , or you don't have the same harmony with all of your dogs ?
I have very close relationships with all of my dogs and spend a lot of time working with them outside of agility to build strong bonds. They learn to understand me and I learn to understand them as well. My dogs and I work as a team on and off the agility field. They each have their own distinct personalities so some of them take a little longer to connect with than others have but I just keep working on the teamwork and connection. This allows me to be able to predict my dog's behaviour on course as well as have them want to work with me instead of doing what they want.
You are the owner and trainer of the Agile Dog Training , for seminars and lessons .Tell us more about your techniques , which are the fundamentals of your agility handling.
My techniques are built on positive, reward based training methods and building confidence in the dog through teaching consistent handling. I also believe in adapting training to the individual dog and handler to find what works best for them. I am currently doing a lot of work with motivation and building confidence using what I have learned from training Dice. My training teaches the dogs how to respond correctly and confidently to the handling and trust the directions the handler is giving. I believe that a dog that is confident that you will give them the information they need on course will run harder and more accurately. Ultimately my methods work on building this trust to help the dogs and handlers work as a true team on course.

You can find out more about my ideas on training on my blog site at agiledogtraining.wordpress.com

You're having a lot of seminars . How do you feel when you see that those who have attended your seminars have used your techniques to win a competition?
I am always happy when I can help people be more successful in their training whether it is winning a competition or just creating a stronger team with their dog. I have taught many different levels of students and some of the most rewarding ones for me are the ones that had almost given up on agility and then discovered by changing their methods their dog really can be successful and enjoy it.

How much time you devote to training during the week?
Describe your typical training day?
To me training is a lifestyle, so defining an actual amount of time devoted to training is difficult. Most of my training isn't time that is set aside but rather my interactions with my dogs in my every day life. When I take my dogs for a walk I work on recalls and them knowing which side of me they should be on. When I throw a toy I make sure they are turning towards me instead of away from me. To practice handling and distance skills I often send my dogs around trees in my backyard and practice front crosses and verbal cues. I don't focus on equipment that much but rather my dogs understanding my body language and me being able to practice my timing and see how they move and turn.

What have you focused more on in training during 2011, What have you given more importance?
2011 has been a busy year for me with starting my own business and having a new puppy to train. With Dice I have mostly worked on maintaining her handling skills and working on my timing as well as watching her on video to try and really know how she moves and turns. With my puppy, I'm working on getting to know him better since he isn't as easy to connect with as some of my other dogs have been. I have been working with handling off of obstacles with him and teaching him to trust my direction since he has his own ideas about how things should be done.

Which competition remained more in your heart
2010 FCI World Championships: Gold medal win with Dice was amazing...she gave me everything she could and we managed to win Canada's first Gold medal
2011 WAO snooker run...Dice and I completed the maximum number of course points and brought home another Gold medal for Canada
2009 Canadian Nationals: Mikki won overall at the Canadian Nationals showing that at nearly 10 years old he still has it!

What are your other interests except Agility?
When not teaching or training agility (which is most of the time), I enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors and reading.

Plans for the future?
My plans for the future are to keep expanding my business and learning all I can from both my own dogs and my students dogs.

I am also very excited to be joing the faculty at Agility University to offer some interactive online courses (www.agility-u.com). I am designing my courses to provide interactive quizes, video clips, demos, and tutorials to help students learn in a fun, motivating way.

Do you think that a good pair of running shoes can do a bit of difference during a run?
When I am competing I typically wear my light weight Dita shoes which I find helps me grip on slippery footing especially when I am turning or having to slow down from sprinting. I usually try out my shoes on the surface to see how much traction I'll need before competing.
Which is the favorite toy for your dogs?
I love anything made by Crash Test Toys. They are durable and can stand up to a lot of use. I throw my toys often in training so I like using toys that are heavy enough to throw well and that my dogs can tug with.

visit www.agiledogtraining.com

all the photos are a courtesy of Jessica Martin

Agility WC 2010, Agility Individual Small, Jessica Martin, CAN, World Champion
by swiss4agility

Dice Steeplechase March Royackers Trial 2009
by jessmartinagility

Agility WM 2011 in Liévin Martin Jessica CAN individual small jumping
by WChagility2010

Monday, 27 February 2012

5 questions with : Timo Kehlbeck

this photo is a courtesy of Roger Wieser 

name: Timo Kehlbeck 
sport: disc dog
Country: Germany


Your favorite actor/actress ?
The Rock, Jean-Claude-van-Damme, Jasen Statham and many more !!!

What profession would you like to do?
Racedriver like Vettel :D

If you had one wish?
There are so much things i can not decide !

What are your strengths?
I think I haven´t !!!

I thing that you hate?
Snooty people

Timo und Ronja 1. Lauf Indoor-Discdogging Turnier 2011
by alensoldic

REPORT: 2012 World Sled Dog Championship

Here you have the results of the 2012 World Sled Dog Championship that was held in Zuberec , Slovakia from the 23rd to the 26th of february 2012.The event was organized by the village Zuberec in cooperation with the Slovak Association of Technical Sports ASKINO Alfa Kosice Slovakia, under the authority of the World Sleddog Association.

results here

Majstrovstvá sveta psích záprahov (World SLED DOG Championship) ZUBEREC/SLOVAKIA 24.02.2012
by pelu1964

Sunday, 26 February 2012

REPORT: 18-19 feb Chatillon (AO) , Italy

Here you have the resutls and video of the agility competition that was held in Chatillon (AO)on the 18th and 19th of february 2012 . The event was organized by the Funny Dog Aosta.

results here

Dania do Lusiadas detta Ottilia
by ormeagility

Barbara & Chicolino
by Lamucchina

Thursday, 23 February 2012

REPORT: 3rd round Speed Dog WIntercup 2011/2012

Here you have the results and videos of the 3rd round Speed Dog WinterCup 2011/2012.
The event was held on the 19th February 2012 , organized by the ÖRV GMUNDE.

results here

Twiss (1F - Rang 9, dis)
by OurDogs2010

Juma (V0 - Rang 5, dis)
by OurDogs2010

Toni & Nelly 1. Lauf
by Poweraussie0

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

3-4 march IPO in Choisy

On the 3rd and 4th of march the CACT (Club Annécien du Chien de Travail) organize a IPO competition valid for the Regional Championship RCI Rhône-Alpes. The event will be held in Choisy.

more informations here

Final Rhone Alpes February 12, 2011
defense sequence .... 100/100!!
by DJdesFDG

3-4 march International Sled Dog Race in Austria

On the 3rd and 4th of March the you can be a part of the International Sled Dog Race (Internationales Schlittenhunderennen) in Gastein/Salzburg , Austria.
The race will be start at the Sport Gastein Bad Gastein / Salzburg.
The Categories are:
MD depending on snow conditions up to 25 km
LT1, LT2 max. 6 dogs, , LTO max. 8 dogs and skijoring .
SPRINT depending on the snow layer 5 - 12.5 km
D, C​​, B​​, A, O, skijoring and pulk
The deadline for the registrations is set on the 24th of February.

more informations here

Training 12.02.2012 (Schlittenhunde)
by xident02

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

REPORT: 18-19 feb Soliera (MO), Italy

Here you have the results and video of the agility competition organized by the Dog City Agility Team in Soliera (MO) on the 18th and 19th of february 2012

results here

Jumping 1 3rd place Soliera 18/02/2012
by mariateresamt

REPORT: European Championships Sled dog Les FOURGS 2012

Here you have the results and a video of the European Championships of sled dogs at the village of Fourgs (France) that was held trough the weekend from the 17th to the 19th Feburary 2012.

final results here

2nd day results here

1st day results here

Les Fourgs: championnat d'europe de chiens de traineaux
by fd25100

Monday, 20 February 2012

interview with a photographer: Svetlana Astashina

The interview with a photographer this month is not with a professional one , but it's a person who is growing very quickly in this field. She's Svetlana Astashina native from Moskow , Russia now lives in Norway. Her last big work was at the Open European HTM & Freestyle Championships in Denmark where she stunned all with great photos . I think we will hear a lot about her in future.

Svetlana and the warm up questions...

Last time you watch TV (What)?
Last time I watched TV was yesterday, it was "Two and a half men".

Are you superstitious?
I'm not superstitious, though I don't trust black cats, no cats actually... I'm a dog fancier.

Do you believe in weather forecast on TV?
I believe weather forecast for next day only, not longer.

Ok , never mind , It's better that we pass to the interview

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
My name is Svetlana Astashina, I was born in Moscow and lived there till I moved to Norway 5 years ago. At university I studied English philology. Photography is my main hobby and my big passion along with dogs and travelling. I have a page on Facebook called ASTA photo (my name is too complicated for foreigners) where I share dog photos I make. Of course I have a dog myself - a wonderful golden retriever girl who is 5 years old.

You are also involved in the dog dance?
I'm involved in the dog dance only as a photographer so far. But after many beautiful dances I saw I started thinking about trying it! Just need to buy a puppy and begin training:)

Tell me a little bit about your start in dog sports photography.
When did you start getting interested in photography?
I started to get interested in photography when was a teenager, it was time of film cameras (difficult to believe now) and period of trying all types of photography. As for dog sports photography, that's quite new in my life. I love it for action, adrenalin, emotions and I'm deeply impressed how dogs always do their best and work 100%. Sport photos are also more difficult to capture, so it's a challenge too!

What equipment do you use to create your photos?
I use Canon 7D camera and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens. In my opinion it's a great combination for action photography:)

Why do you love photography?
First of all I love photography for making memories. The more time passes, the more precious these memories become. It's also art and a way to express oneself.

What is it you like the most about being a photographer?
Most I like to see people who are happy looking at photos I've made. Besides being a hobby photographer gives me privilege of choosing events and models I like.

What is your favorite photo that you’ve shot so far and how did you capture it?
I can't choose a favourite photo, I'm hopeless that way. I love all my models and it's always a huge problem for me to delete photos after dog events. When I come home with hundreds of pictures I make myself delete minimum half of them and only after that I start post-processing.

Tell us one of the most beautiful things that happened during a photo session .
For me it's when my model likes me so much that he or she constantly comes close to me :) to get a hug or give or kiss, or just to sit together in a pack:) It's very difficult to take photos with such dogs but I do love these moments!

Who do you listen to? Who do you accept advice from?
It happened so that I don't have friends with same interests:( I would love to share ideas, make projects, get advice... So if anybody is interested in dogs and/or photography, feel free to contact me on Facebook.

How do you know that a photo is really good? 
A photo is really good if it's technically perfect and arouses feelings not leaving people indifferent. For sport photography catching the right moment is essential too.

The most beautiful photographic memories of 2010/2011?
In 2011 I was lucky to see dancing dogs first time in my life! Open European HTM & Freestyle Championships in Denmark was no doubt the most beautiful photographic memory for me. I was also impressed with local frisbee competition in Moscow.

What are your strengths?
Patience, good taste, desire to learn.

Any plans for the future?
If we talk about 2012, I'm looking forward to World Dog Show (worlddogshow.oekv.at) in Salzburg, Austria in May. In July I plan to visit agility week in Stavanger, Norway (agilityuken.no). Also would like to go to Open European HTM & Freestyle Championships 2012 (oec2012.wordpress.com) in Prague, Czech Republic in September. In general my plan is to become a professional:)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank you for the job you are doing! It's a great idea to interview photographers. Those who are behind camera deserve some attention and praise!

visit www.facebook.com/asta.photo

all the photos are a courtesy of Svetlana Astashina


REPORT: 18-19 feb Kirkkonummi (FIN)

Here you have the results of the agility competition that was organized by the Kirkkonummen Kennelkerho KKK ry (KKK)in Kirkkonummi(Finland) on the 18th and 19th of February 2012.

results 18th feb here

results 19th feb here

Aki (kelpie) , medi 3 , rata B , DISQ, 18.02.-12 kirkkonummi , judge: Anne Savioja
by ATTVideoita

Aki , medi 3 , rata A , 10 errors , 18.02.-12 Kirkkonummi
by ATTVideoita

Aki , medi 3 , rata C hyppy , DISQ
by ATTVideoita

Sunday, 19 February 2012

REPORT: 17 feb Korneuburg (Austria)

Here you have the results and video of the agility competition that was organized by the Agility Funny Bones in Korneuburg on the 17th february 2012.

results here

Chamu OG-Prüfumg 17.02.2012
by Maliaction

Thursday, 16 February 2012

REPORT: 3rd round of the Tattendorf Winter Indoor Cup 2011/2012

Here you have the results and videos of the 3rd round of the Tattendorfer Winterhallencup 2011/2012 - Tattendorf Winter Indoor Cup 2011/2012 .The event was held in the Tennishalle Skarics of Bahnstrasse ,Austria and was organized by the OGV Tattendorf on the 11th and 12th of february.

results Small & Medium here

results LARGE here

The complete WinterCUP results here

Jazz und Manu beim 3 Winterhallencup Tattendorf :-D V0, Rang 2!
by AgilityjunkieAustria

Agility 3. Tattendorfer Winterhallen-Cup Team CUD Austria
by CUDAustria

Sandra und Papa Benco
by twinborders

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

5 questions with : Christa Savolainen

name:Christa Savolainen
sport:  agility 
country: Finland

Which is your colour that best describes you or stands for your personality?
Some bright colour, maybe white.

Does your dogs LIKE going to the vet?
Not really

Are you superstitious?
No, I'm not

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I hope that some day I will have enough time (and money...) to travel around Asia and Australia

What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?
Can't remember, propably I was with my friends

FMBB WC 2010 - Christa Savolainen & Black Master's Wicked Beauty
by reggenesi

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

2012 FCI obedience G&G in Netherlands

On www.cynophilia.nl you can find all the dates of the FCI Obedience in Holland (which is called GG) the obedience events in Netherlands for the season 2012.

2012 FCI Obedience G&G in Netherlands link

G&G op muziek KCWF
by KissalotShelties

REPORT: 7th Českou Kanadou 2012

On the 11th and 12th of febraury the Musher's club Long Hair Tails (On Caps) have organized the 7th edition of the "Czech Canada 2012" sled dog event.THe race weas valid for the ESDRA Cup 2011/2012 . The trail was held in Klášter u Nové Bystřice.

results here

Schlittenhunderennen 2012 in Ceskou Kanadou, Tschechien
by TheWolvsoul

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