Monday, 13 September 2010

Obedience 6-7 november Prague Czech rep.

III.Mistrovství České republiky
III. obedience Czech Championship Obedience
held on 6th 7th of November 2010 in Prague ,Czech rep.
Venue Prague 9, Horni Počernice 
Čertousy in 2634 / 7, Hall H1
Program:Saturday, the 6th 11th 2010 Assessment Class OB1 and OB2 
Sunday, the 7th 11th 2010 assessment classes OB3

The race is also a nomination for MS 2011th
Classes and maximum number of participants:
OB1 + OB2 (25 teams) 
OB3 (25 teams) 

more informations here 

Mistrovství ČR obedience 2009 - Praha, OB3 2.místo - Jana Gi
by TrutJonRic


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