Sunday, 3 October 2010

agility 3rd report AGILITY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 Rieden / Kreuth , Germany

Here you have the 3rd report about the AGILITY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 held in Ostbayernhalle in vineyards , Rieden / Kreuth , Germany on the 30th to the 3rd of october 2010

1st report link
2nd report link

all results here
all parcours here


Medium Top Four at Agility WC 2010
by klickerklok

Carolina Pellikka & Kerttu INDIVIDUAL AGILITY
by Agilityliitto

Agility Individual Estandar - Furia
by terpsicore22

Agility Individual Estandar - Chus
by terpsicore22

Small Agility Final WC 2010
by klickerklok

Agility WC 2010, Agility Individual Large, Anita Folly & Bliss, SUI
by swiss4agility


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