Tuesday, 7 June 2011

FMBB 2011 results and videos

Finally, are online the results of the FMBB 2011.
the complete results are here
here you have the winners names:

Edgar Scherkl is the IPO World Champion
Petra Sporrer the IPO World CUP winner
Aglity 1
Michel Berthonneau
Jumping 1
Natálie Kopperová
Agility 2
Daniel Vollet
jumping 2
Regina Denk
Agility Finals
Daniel Vollet
Jumping Finals
Juha Orenius
Agility team Finland
Jumping team Finland

Agility Finals
Alain Remund with Aspen

Lebois Laurent

Mondioring : not available yet :(

some agility videos
Agility fredag Gitte og Andy
by CasaLilja1

Agility lørdag Pia og Lilja
by CasaLilja1

Agility fredag Pia og Lilja
by CasaLilja1


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