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interview with a PRO: Julia Zimmermann

Julia the teacher ,Julia the judge ,Julia the writer , Julia the PRO. She's everything she wants to be :) From Karlsruhe ,Germany here you have the interview with a very talented girl that have fun with her dogs“partners“ and achive together a lot of exellent results around the world with them. She's so familiar to the discdog worlds championships finals. Don't even forget that she also written a book about discdog.
Don't hesitate to read this super interview :)

warm ourselves with the warm up questions :)
What was your best vacation trip ever? 
My best vacation trip.... I don´t know,I had lots of them.

18+4-2= ?

Have you ever made bread at home ?
Nop,never made bread at home.

Ok , I think is enough , never mind , let's move to the interview...
Could you tell our readers a little about yourself 
Hi, there is nothing to tell about me. I grew up with animals and always liked to train them. 10 years ago I came into the sport,cause my dog Lara decided that she loves the flying plastic,so I learned how to throw it for her. She is the reason why I am addicted to this sport.

...working with dogs, what are your greatest satisfaction?
My greatest satisfaction at working with dogs is to see that they have fun and enjoy to work with me.

Why and when born the idea of writing a book about discdogging?
The idea for a book about discdogging came from my dad,cause he was tired to listen to my stories and said"write it down".So I did. Nad after that I accidently got in touch with someone who was willing to publish it.

You are present in the discdog from the 2001 until today
Could you explain how has changed (if has changed) this sport in the years?
Nowadays we talk a lot more about technique than a few years ago?
How the sport changed....well,I guess people take better care of their dogs now. And especially in Europe Freestyle ( different throws and techniques how to throw ) grew a lot.

Video 10 Years Fundogteam
by fundogteam

Which country do you think grew faster the discdog in Europe?
I don´t know which country in Europe grew faster in the sport.

People says you're a talented because you find harmony with your dogs. You think it's a gift of nature or for the 90% It's about a lot of patience and training?
I guess it is a good part of nature,but a lot of training,too.

You have participated in many competitions.
What are the achievements you are most proud of? 
I am most proud of every moment my loved dog hits the field with me and we have fun together! No title can give me that great feeling!

Which major differences you see between the discdog in Europe and in the USA?
For me the major difference between the US and Europe in the sport is that here in Europe people show of with more freestyle skills. In the US the people show of with great distance throwing skills.

Where you see yourself in the 2015?
In 2015? NO idea!

If you do not practice this sport what would you have done in your life ?
Hm,if I would not be in the sport....maybe I would be a agility person .... I don´t know.

Explain a tipical day in your life
A typical day in my life: taking care of the dogs ( play them,walk them,spend quality time with them ),going to work,working for the sport,edit video, going to bed.

If you could go back in the time what would you change in your life?
I would change nothing in my life.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
My weakness and strength is that I am a perfectionist. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add? 
Enjoy every moment with the one you love!And don´t wait for the right moment to let those know that you love them. If you wait for the right moment to come,it could be to late.
I hope I will have many days left to let my awesome dogs,my wonderful boyfriend, my family and ALL my great friends in the discsdog family know, as often as possible, that I love them!


all the photos are a courtesy of Julia Zimmermann

Lara & Julia UFO Worldfinals 2009
by fundogteam

Julia Zimmerman and Lara UFO WORLD CUP FINALS 2008 Daytona Beach FL
by teambanditdotcom


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