Monday, 9 January 2012

MEMO DOG BLOG in January 2012

Ok, Christmas , new year eve and other stuff are over... Let's start this 2012 with the presentation of the PRO of the month. One who has done a lot and is doing a lot for the disc dog in Europe. Sven Van Driessche from Belgium a great disc dogger and especially he's "skyhoundz master". For the dog trainer interview another disc dogger someone who is doing everything possible to develop the disc dog in the best way on his island / region in Italy , the Sicily. Antonio Rappazzo I think you'll hear a lot about him in future.
For the 5 questions two highly respected trainer Olga Nylec and Cristina Radice Fossati.
The interviews will be published at random, so you just need to visit more often :D . I wish all the readers a very special 2012, better than the 2011 : P
Have fun!


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