Monday, 17 December 2012


Mushing France : 19-27 january Defi Rhone Alpes 2013 
Results dog dance : 15-16 december Nordic Championship in Freestyle and HTM 2012 1st day results / 2nd day results 
Results Agility Austria : 15 december 2. Tattendorfer Winterhallencup 
NEW MAGAZINE for : Special Christmas issue 2012 
inside a massive photo gallery of almost all the big events of the year and interviews with: Jimmy Pettersson (sleddog) 
Kirsten Schoonbaert(canicross) 
Björn Tigges (discdog) 
Nikolas Imiołczyk (canicross) 
Bettina Koch (discdog) 
Greta Marani (IPO) 
Kim Mazzucca (canciross) 
Petra Hamšíková ( agility) 
Jean-Philippe Pontier (sleddog)


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