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interview with a photographer: Ray Hoffmann

This is the second interview with a photographer.This section is really interesting ,becouse with the interview you can leanr more about who is behind the photos/cameras , who shoot and publish beautiful photos. This time MEMO DOG interviewed a very popular person in Luxembourg. The man with amazing photos from competitions and the most famous dog portrait photographer in Luxembourg. Whit this short sentences I want to introduce Ray Hoffmann a photographer and agility handler that with the Luxembourg MEDIUM TEAM reached the 15th place at the Agility World Championship in Rieden in the 2010.
Enjoy reading :)

Ok, Ray , to make you feel more at ease, answer a couple of warm up questions
What is your favorite lens?
In my studio I use my Canon 24-105mm 4,0  it is a little arounder
For outdoor especially Agility photos I use my 70-200mm 2,8 it is a very nice lens

Favorite music
Metallica, Rammstein, Ärzte,Unheilig, and a little from everything else

Do you remember your first photograph?
I´m not 100% sure but I think it was our 1 Dog , I was +- 6-7 years old

Ok , maybe It's better to go down more seriously and begin with the interview
Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
I´m born in 20.11.1974 ,I always had a dog . Now since 15 years I live with my wife Tania in the Nord of Luxembourg in the City of Ettelbruck. We have 2 children our son Jessy 9 years and our daughter Ayleen 2 years. And we have 8 dogs 4 Sheltie´s and 4 Australian Shepherds. My wife Tania does breed Sheltie and Aussie´s .www.ofthecrazytown.eu
Beside  of Agility , we are also Ham Operators (Amtateur Radio) I´m LX2RH and Tania LX1TA , afterwards I´m active in Paragliding and of course Photographie of dogs and Models
I think it is enough for this question :)

How did you first get into photography?
It's about 7-8 years ago , at that time I wanted to have nice and cool Pix from my Dogs doing Agility, but it was not so easy as I tought , but I didn´t give up .and after a certain time i saw a progresse ,and that encouraged me to go on , more and more Pix and better equipment ,and Seminars !
and now you can see the result ;)

You are also very active in agility ,tell us more
Yes ,of course.
In 1995 I started with Agility at that time I had a kind of German Shepherd called Leika with her i had a lot of good results.
2002 I got Velvet she is a Sheltie with her i had till now my biggest successes.She participated several times at the European Open and Agility World Cup and last year 2010 we took part at the World Champion Chips in Germany Kreuth and our result in the Team was 15th place , now Velvet is 8 1/2 years and the Agility WCC 2010 in Kreuth in Germany ,was her last competition and she can relax now at home  :) Her successor is C.J an Agility, Trick, and Movie dog. He is very nice and intelligent ,he like to work with me , we do a lot of tricks ,and he had also some apperances in Publicity Photoshootings and also 2 little movies, and we hope to do more :) let´s see what the year 2011 will bring us, perhaps WC 2011 in Large classe ? hope so ;)

In order to work with photography, is it necessary primarily to have the talent or most of it is a result of hard work?
In the Studio you have to now how to keep and get the dogs relaxed and i think that is a kind of talent ,because other Photographers said that he becomes to quick nervous in this situation!
In Agility it is a question of technic,timing,and a lot of hard work , it is easy to make 1000 Pix in 1 Day ,but it is not easy to get out of this 1000 pix 100 nice and sharp photos!!!
I say it is not the quantity , but it is the quality ,for me the quality is most important .

What kind of equipment do you use?
My equipment : Canon D1 Mark III ,Canon D7
The lens : Canon 70-200mm 2,8
Canon 24-105mm  4.0
Sigma 18-50mm 2,8
2x Canon Flash and Photoflex studio Equipment
and a lot more

Describe your photographic style or philosophy
My style is : look at my photos Sharp-arts.eu or on Facebook @ Sharp Arts because photos say more than 1000 words
My philosophy is : it is quality , not quantity

What do you love most about today’s technology?
The possibility´s that we have today

What do you dislike most about today’s technology?
I say only, Big Brother is watching you !!!
War the possibility´s that they have.

What is it you like the most about being a photographer?
To see other people happy with their photos I made.

What was your most memorable moment in your photographer career?
2x Photographer on Agility WCC Helsinki(FIN) , Dornbirn (A)
1x Photographer an Participant wiht my Sheltie Dog Velvet on Agility WCC Kreuth (D)
I have not had so much Pix about myself doing Agility as after this last Year 2010 on Agility WCC :)

Do you have a tip for beginner photographers that will help them improve their photography?
To never give up and always go on to get better speak to other Photographers and exchange experiance, and don´t forget where you have started!
Do you have a favorite photograph from your collection?
I have a lot of Photos that I like,it is not only 1 ,every Photo has something special :)

Describe a day in your studio
It is difficult to explain ,i want to keep some secrets for me , but if you go on Facebook in my Profil Sharp Arts ,under Hall of fame . you can see how some people are strugling with their dogs to keep or get them in position...

Plans for the future
More Photos Dogs and people ,more success in Agility and first of all stay healthy  :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thank you to ,it was also a pleasure for me to answer you,
I think I have nothing more to add ;)

please, visit www.sharp-arts.eu

all the photos are a courtesy of Ray Hoffmann www.sharp-arts.eu

Agility Bettenmbourg 02.05.10
by rayhoffmann

Agility Ray and C.J
by rayhoffmann

Agility WM 2010 Kreuth Ray und Velvet, Fabienne und Baby ,Nathalie und Nelson,Team im Medium
by rayhoffmann


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