Sunday, 28 August 2011

5 questions with : Emmy Marie Simonsen

name: Emmy Marie Simonsen 
sport:heelwork to music,freestyle,agility,obedience,rally obedience
country : Denmark

The last thing that you do before you go to bed?
I put my puppy in his puppy pen and gives all my dogs a treat. A nice way to end our day together.

Your best and worst competition?
My worst competition was Crufts 2009. My dog Whisper had been very ill a few months prior to the competition and as we travelled to the UK he started to show symptoms of the same illness again. Luckily it turned out to be falsh alarm and he was well and fit to compete, but the journey to England had been horrid and I had been so worried about him and I found it very hard to concentrate in the ring, which affected our performance in a bad way!

My best competition must be the World Championships in Denmark 2010. Both my sheltie Biscuit and my Border Collie Whisper worked so well. The Danish HTM Team (Whisper) won the World Championship and the Freestyle Team (Biscuit) won Silver. Both my dogs qualified for the individual final and they both placed 4th individually. It was not just the results that made it amazing though - it was the whole experience. Whisper got to do a Main Arena Demo, my young Border Collie Beat performed with the World Dog Show Hostess in the Main Arena, dinner with handlers from the other countries, cheering for my team mates and meeting dog dancers from all over the world. It was 4 fantastic days in Herning. You can read more about it all here

This year I will be judging the World Championships, which is held in Paris, so I expect that will be a different, but just as fantastic experience.

When did you last call a taxi?
Years ago when I was in Copenhagen with on of the residents from the home where I used to work. We went to a Christmas Cabaret and needed a taxi to get us back to the railway station so that we wouldn't miss our train home.

When was the last time you went abroad (where/why)? (question made in february)
It was in December 2010. I went to Helsinki in Finland for the Nordic HTM and Freestyle Championships. Finland is a beautiful country and I have some great friends there, so we had a very good time, but gosh its so cold there in December!

Where do you see yourself in the 2015?
I love all the travelling and all the wonderful experiences that my dogs and sport gives me, so hopefully I can continue to dance with my dogs both here in Denmark and abroad. Also I work in a home for mentally handicapped young people, who has just moved away from home and their parents. It is challenging, but I love it and I have just had a promotion, so I would love to be able continue what I am doing there.

I guess I see my self pretty much where I am now - surrounded by beautiful dancing dogs, great people at work and in the dog world and experiencing the world. I hope I will learn more, so that I can become an even better dog trainer.


Hero performing '500 Miles' 24.07.11 by heelwork2music


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