Monday, 26 December 2011

5 questions with : Karolina Pettersson

name: Karolina Pettersson
sport: dog dance
country: Sweden

The first thing that you do when you wake up?
Get dressed and take the dogs outside

Where do you see yourself in the 2015? 
I hope that I´ll have the opportunety to work a least part time with teaching obedience, freestyle and agility. Maybe I´ll have a new pumi as my companion together with Zing. I hope at that time we (Zing and I) have had loads of fun experiences together behind us.

What is the favorite toy for your dogs
Squeeky animals :)

A place where you would like to move to start all over again
New Zealand, I was there in 2005 and that was such a nice place. I loved the nature and the variations.

Something that makes you happy ?
My »sunshine« Zing of course :)

Lina and Zing in the Nordic Championship in HTM and Freestyle 2011 (Lillestrøm, Norway)Day 2, individual finals. Lina and Zing won Silver.
by elisafab


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