Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Slovenian agility WInterCUP 2011/2012

On the 17th of decemeber the ŠKD Postojna organize the first round of the Slovenian Agility Wintercup 2011/2012.The event will be held at the Riding hall in Prestranek,Postojna.The wintercup consist in three rounds ,all the three rounds will be held in Prestranek.
deadline 12 december

more informations here

all the dates:
1st round 17.12.2011
2nd round 21.01.2012
3rd round 25.02.2012

Lars lamar "Lar" & Neja Trbizan won A3 large Slovenian Agility Winter Cup 2010/2011.
by agifrenzy


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