Monday, 5 December 2011

report: Amadeus Agility Worldcup 2011

This weekend took place the Amadeus Agility World Cup 2011. Also this year the agility event is a part of the Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg (Austria) at the Salzburg Exhibition Centre and is organiezd by the ÖGV Lustenau .
The judges of the event were: Rollie Schiltz (LUX) , Iveta Lukáčová (SK) , Roman Lukác (SK).
The finals : eliminations “American”, parallel to two places in the knockout system

small TOP 4:
1st Biro Zsofia with Scilla
2nd Almberger Rene with Ally
3rd Wüst Tobias with Peanut
4th Riegler Karin with Quendy

complete small results here

medium TOP 4:
1st Caviezel Evi with Ben
2nd Friesenegger Nadine with Leo
3rd Braun Birgit with Roxy
4th Schiltz Rolli with Page

complete medium results here

large TOP 4:
1st Nieder Susanne with Hazel
2nd Frick Lisa with Hoss
3rd Wüst Tobias with Don
4th Stefl Isabella with Jenny

complete large results here

detailed report here

all the results from friday here

photo galleries here

Twiss beim "American"-Wandzonentraining beim AAWC - 04.12.2011 :-)
by OurDogs2010

Amadeus Agility World Cup 2011 - Tagesturnier Sissy & Robin
by sauro0608

Pumi Phoebe - Amadeus Agility-Worldcup 2011 J3 Freitag - eine Hürde zuviel ;)
by pumipower


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