Wednesday, 1 February 2012

MEMO DOG BLOG in february 2012 / 2nd anniversary

Exactly two years ago, on February the 1st , has began this adventure with the blog and I still have problems with the English language.I must admit that the page has evolved, perhaps unexpectedly and I do not know if It's good or bad, but I continue on my way and I go further curious about what lies ahead, curious to see who will win the European and World Championship in 2012, follow the various handlers during the year and see who will be in better shape for big events ...
This month for the second anniversary I have prepared some very powerful interviews. I've crossed the borders of Europe and I interviewed Jessica Martin, a very young and very special agility champion.Then, there is another interview with a pro Maria Brandel ,Obedience Champion, who knows this sport will have definitely heard of her.
For the interview with a photographer, Svetlana Astashina(ASTA PHOTO) a photographer that is growing in Europe . She 's from Russia / Norway.
And finally could not miss , the 5 questions, this month with Timo Kehlbeck and Christa Savolainen.
The interviews will be published at random, so you just need to visit more often :D

Good reading!!!


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