Sunday, 5 February 2012

REPORT: Femundløpet 2012

Here you have the results , photo gallery and videos of the Femundløpet 2012.The Femundløpet race is a long distance sleddog race that takes part in February in mid-Norway. The race starts in the colourful streets of the historic UNESCO world heritage mining town of Røros and teams mush through eight districts and the fascinating countryside of Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark counties. The trails was held from the 2nd to the 5th of February 2012.

F400 results here
1 Marianne Skjøthaug 1d 16h 19min
2 Ida Karlstrøm + 0
3 Henry Coronica +1h 00min
4 Ingebrigt Storli +1h 17min
5 Juha Hokka +2h 32min

F600 results here
1 Robert Sørlie 2d 21h 12min
2 Ralph Johannessen +23min
3 Arnt Ola Skjerve +2h 54min
4 Emil Inauen +4h 06min
5 Lars Monsen +4h 50min

photo gallery here

Kongen av Femund
by Femundlopet2012

by Femundlopet2012

Familietriumf nr 1 og 2 F400
by Femundlopet2012


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