Thursday, 17 March 2011

5 questions with : Andrea Deeg

name: Andrea Deeg
sport: Agility
country: Germany

Last Good Advice you recive
Go one step left – you are standing in a heap of dogshit..... ;-)

Who is your mentor or your guru ?
Nobody :-) It's important to have an own style.

Do you smoke ?

If a trainer came to you and asked what he could do to become a better dog trainer, what would you tell him?
Never think what you already achieved is enough, but always try to learn something new.

The results last competition you entered?
Hope: Agility dis (I wasn't concentrated at all), Jumping 1 fault (long jump)
Day: Agility 1. place, Jumping 1 fault (one dropped bar)

A3 Andrea Deeg Hope
by Agimaniacs


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