Sunday, 13 March 2011

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MEMO DOG BLOG is intended to help the animals affected with EPI and so will do a bit of "advertising" for the epi research funds.
The more people we can reach about this horrible condition, the more lives we can save.
EPI, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture and secrete the necessary enzymes required by the body to digest food and absorb nutrients causing the body to starve no matter how much food the dog eats.
EPI is associated with an irreversible loss of pancreatic acinar tissue in most cases, and complete recovery is therefore extremely rare. However, with appropriate
management and monitoring these patients usually gain weight quickly, pass normal stools, and can go on to live a normal life for a normal life span.
Dogs with EPI usually present for investigation of chronic diarrhea (feces of large volume and cow-pat consistency, often yellow to grey in color) and weight loss (mild to extreme), which is often associated with a ravenous appetite. Pica and coprophagia are also common. A poor hair-coat (hair loss, eczema, dryness, scurf) polydipsia and marked muscle loss are observed in some dogs.
Many different breeds have been diagnosed with EPI .

Please, help the EPI research fund:
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before EPI treatment                                    after EPI treatment 

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