Thursday, 31 March 2011

5 questions with : Barbara Soprani

the photo is a courtesy of Barbara Soprani

name: Barbara Soprani
sport: Discdog, Agility , Rally Obedience
country: Italy

The first thing you do after getting up in the morning?
cuddle my dogs all come on the bed!

Last time you took a train to / where?
7 years ago because it was snowing and was working in Milan, I could not take the motorbike and then in Bellagio in my country where I live , I loaded my dog-bag for the dog and I went to Milan!

Spaghetti or pizza?
Spaghetti alla carbonara

Are you related to Tony Soprano or Luciano Soprani
no and even not the fashion designer Luciano Soprani!

Which major events you will attend in 2011?
National agility competitions and the European DiscDog Skyhounds Championships in Hungary

Disc Dog Barbara Soprani
by rluccare


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