Friday, 25 March 2011

New collaboration/cooperation with

This year we have started with the first collaboration with and now the cooperation with
First of all I have to write that : This collaboration is a very big opportunity for me to be able to expand the reputation of my site in the UK and elsewhere.
Now ,I will write something about a real paper magazine and online magazine based on agility. Very interesting magazine with advices ,agility exercises, training methods tips , interviews , reports from events and includes articles that relate to canine health, fitness and nutrition too . During these months you can find articles of Silvia Trkman about her teaching methods, Sergio Sousa ...Lee Gibson training tips...
Take a look , you will not regret. You will be fascinated ;)

quote from
The Agility Zone Magazine was launched World Wide in April, 2009.  It is an A4 - full colour publication and is packed full of agility a dog training related articles.  In fact, we are regularly praised by our readers from around the world for the generous amount of training related content, and have been compared to one of the best agility magazines in the world.
 We feature regular articles from some of the World’s BEST, and that includes World Champions.  However, we don’t stop at training.  No, we offer everything for the agility enthusiast and that includes articles that relate to canine health, fitness and nutrition, too.
Agility training and articles relating to the above are by no means the depth of our magazines.  We also include reports on competitions, home and away.  We review the latest DVDs and agility products (Often before releasing them for sale in our online store), and we generally print what our readers thrive on.

Memo dog blog now have an “internal“ page on the agility zone site with some links to the most popular memo dog interviews.Check it :)

Free sample of the online magazine

memo dog blog -agilityzone- page


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