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interview with a dog trainer: Eva Zwicker

A short introduction to this beautiful interview.
Eva is a discdog star ,a very important person in the swiss discdog ready to give the best to evolve this sport.
She manages to bring more projects at once , we found her as a competitor, trainer, owner of a dogshop in few words she's living with dogs at 360 degrees
so, read this new gem

First of all some warm up questions...
Have you ever stepped on the tail of your dog?
Yes, I think so.
Have you ever been river rafting?
Yes, at school
When was the last time you saw Traffic Stop?
I don’t know, because I often fall asleep, when we go somewhere (of course as a

Ok , I think is enough , let's be more serious and begin with the interview
Why you have started with the discdog?
I saw Marcus and Sabine Wolff at Switzerland. They gave a seminar at the place
where I went to school for my dogtrainer education. At home, I showed it to Alen and we tried it with our Gross Poodle. He caught all the discs, even if they were thrown very bad, but he was a very good jumper, like a cat in the air. And then I bought Diva,our Dobermann. We have been playing with her since she was nine weeks old, of course without jumps in the beginning.

Do you play other sports besides discdog ?
Yes, a bit of agility and we do a lot of tricktraining with our dogs. And I ride a horse as often as possible.

Which category you prefer in discdog?
Freestyle, but I think the overall (with mini distance) is important. Because the judges are also only human and you can not stop all of your preconceptions. So the mini distance compensates.

If you could change one rule in disc dog what would you change ?
That’s difficult to say because we have a lot of different rules. But I can say I prefer the USDDN rules because the evaluation points are very clearly defined.
Nevertheless I play with all rules, because I enjoy playing with my dog and
Discdogging is fun.

You were the USDDN Dogfrisbee European Champion 2009 Class: Beginners .How has this victory helped for the “fame“ of the discdog in Switzerland?
I don’t know if it helped.

How much time you devote to training during the week?
Not very much, I train more often other people and their dogs than with my dog. I
think on average it’s about one hour a week.
Do you change your trainings before a competition (a week before or more)?
Yes, if I have enough time I change my trainings perhaps one or two weeks before.
But sometimes I don’t have enough time and than I only write my routine down, so
that I can remember what I want to play.

Alltagshund dog school is based in Wittenbach , is not a big city ,how is growing the discdog there?
The discdog is growing very well. In our club DiscDog-Ostschwiiz we have a lot of
interested people. One woman is older than 60 years and she also starts with us at
the shows and the competitions. So discdog is for everyone, that’s what we want to show all the people.

Tell us more about the Alltagshund dog school.
Four years ago we opened our dog school. We want to help the dog owners to
become a good team with their dogs. In today’s society the education of the dogs is very important.

Besides the dog school you run also a discdog shop .How is going , how do you see the shop over the years?
The shop is going very well. We were the first who offered discs for dogs at

What do you think should be the basis for a beginner in discdog (obedience basis)
The dog should have orientation to the holder. The dog should already give out and have a good impulse control.

Do you have any advice for who begins with discdog
They have to play with discs for dogs. The dog must be warmed up every time! First, people have to learn to throw the discs. It is essential to go to a seminar with a good discdog coach.

Do you have some plans for the future?
We want to show this sport many people and we want to enjoy the time with our

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Dogfrisbee is a wonderful thing you can do with your dog. You and your dog grow to a team. Enjoy the time with your dog and the other frisbee players!


all the photos are a courtesy of Eva Zwicker

Hundefrisbee Training 2011
by alensoldic

Eva und Enya BEA
by alensoldic


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