Monday, 18 July 2011

2nd report: results and videos Junior European Open Agility 2011

Here is the 2nd report of the Junior European Open Agility 2011 organized by the Royal Dutch Kennelclub Cynophilia in Herenbaan, Putte (Noord Brabant),Netherlands
Another detailed report is available here 

The 2nd day results :

Child Small Overall
1 Alba /Lisanna Mozzetti /Shetland Sheepdog 
2 Pipa /Rebekka De Backer /Papillon 
3 Ally /Jan Almberger /Shetland Sheepdog
Child Medium Overall
1 Bojtár/ Borbála Kovács /Mudi 
2 Babette /Rebekka De Backer/ Schapendoes 
3 Bounty /Luca Heinen/ Shetland Sheepdog 
Child Large Overall
1 Ice/ Junior Vandeveur/ Border Collie 
2 Ginger /Yannick Hmina/ Old German Shepherd Dog 
3 Charlie/ Line Kia  Christensen /Border Collie 

Junior Small Overall
1 Simba /Yannick Boutellier/ Harlekin Toypoodle 
2 Gledis/ Katerina Chalusova /Parson Russell Terrier 
3  Panda /Eszter Oláh/ Foxterrier, Smooth 
Junior Medium Overall
1 Jackie/ Katerina Malackova/ Pyrenean Sheepdog 
2 Zamba /Petra Castova/ Shetland Sheepdog 
3 Amiga /Katharina Meyer /Shetland Sheepdog 
Junior Large Overall
1 Indiana /Tonja Theuretzbacher /Working Kelpie 
2 Funny /Kevin Pohl/ Border Collie
3 Fly /Laura Nelles /Border Collie

all results are avilable here


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