Tuesday, 29 November 2011

5 questions with : Eva Zwicker

name:Eva Zwicker
sport: disc dog
country: Switzerland

Do you remember your first competition?
Yes, it was a very small competition in Switzerland

Your expectations for 2012
Oh, I don’t know... to have fun with my dogs

Do you think the internet has changed things?
Yes, I think so, because without the internet I wouldn’t write to you, now.

The last book you read
Tribute von Panem

One of the most beautiful moments of your career ?
There were a lot of beautiful moments. Two week ago I had a very beautiful moment.
I had play on judge and play competition in Germany with my Dog Enya. It was a
relaxed atmosphere. I had a good run an much fun. After, the people were very
imperessed and hugged me. I won the competition.

Hundefrisbee-Show Animalia 2010 Eva Zwicker + Enya
by alensoldic


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