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interview with a PRO: Timo Kehlbeck

This month I dedicate the PRO interview to all the disc doggers out there :) OMG ! This sounds like a radio stuff ...
The PRO of this month comes from Germany . A disc dogger that makes your go crazy , when you see him in the field with Ronja. He's not only a good and talented player , he's also the 2011 European AWI Champion . Very powerful and very determined , a master.
What can I say another super interview ! Read below

Timo and the warm up questions...

last time you eat pizza?
November 2nd at lunch !! Sucuk Pizza, a Turkish sausage !!! Nice !!!

Do you send greeting/christmas cards?
Some but I don´t like it very much.I send Cards on Facebook :)

Have you ever fallen asleep on a bench ?
Ohhhh Yes !!!

Perhaps is better move to more serious stuff...The interview !

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself
My Name is Timo Kehlbeck, I´m 30 years old and I live in Bavaria Germany.
My sweet dog Ronja is two and a half years old and she is an Appenzeller Mix. It´s a Switzerland mixed dog.
I´ve got my from a farm nearby Ulm.
She is everything for me and also a very good Frisbee Dog. She just need a better Freestyler :)

this photo is a courtesy of Sandra Bühler

Tell me a little bit about your start in discdog.
What has fascinated you in discdog at the biginning?
As a child I´ve played with my Uncle Frisbee and i liked it very much.
In a park I´ve seen a woman playing Frisbee with her dog and then »klick« I want to try it..
We´ve bought a rubberfrisbee and started with the first throws.
The dog catched this Frisbee at the 2nd time. She was really great and she still want to catch this Frisbee more and more. Now I´m searching for Informations about Dogfrisbee and I´ve found it..

Do you play other sports besides discdog , even without dog?
No not at this time. I want to learn Human Freestyle and maybe Ultimate.. but at first Dogfrisbee...

this photo is a courtesy of Roger Wieser 

Do you remember your first competition?
Ohhhhh Yes.My first competiton was a Judge n Play Tournament at the north sea in Wangerland Germany. Right behind the sea we´ve played Frisbee. Very beautiful and nice. We get the 10th place and the special Spirit Award !!!

What is the difference in discdog between Europe and USA?
I think there are no much difference between both continents. The USA players are awesome and have great freestyle, but Europe is coming fast. The Discdognation in Europe grows up very fast and we have awesome Players. I´ll return to the States and do better than this year !!

Which competition remained more in your heart?
The Ashley Whippet Invitational European Championship Tournament in Switzerland.. Really nice competition, meeting best friends and have a lot of fun.

this photo is a courtesy of Sandra Bühler 

Explain to as your typical training day.
I play everyday with Ronja a little bit when we go for a walk.
Two times a week, we practice special moves..
One time vaults, one time tricks from dogdancing inkludes freestyle and so on.
And finaly on at last we practise a little bit toos & catch..

Last Good Advice you recive
From Larence Frederik at the AWI World Championships :
» don´t be so nervous, play with your heart«

this photo is a courtesy of Carola Bock 

Do you have some plans for the future?
Yes really. In Bavaria Germany we make a UFO Major and we align the Ashley Whippt European Championship... I´m proud to get the chance to defend my Title at home :)

Favorite trick?
Kicks in different varriants !!

What music can you not leave home when you go to a competition ?
There are a lot of Bands I like. But i need my Frisbee music :)
2011 I´ve had Usher – More in a version from Ardian Bujupi. At this time I dont know what music I want to have for 2012 ? I think a little bit more Rock..
Surprise, surprise !!

Something that makes you happy?
To see all of my friends back 2012 !!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
See us 2012. Time to Play !!

this photo is a courtesy of Klaus Wiekenberg


Timo und Ronja 2. Lauf Indoor-Discdogging Turnier 2011
by alensoldic

Sandreas Cup Timo & Ronja 1 Lauf
by FlyingDogsKaufbeuren


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