Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Help the agility in Israel !!!

Read below !!! It's about the future of agility in Isreal! This is a letter I received today. If someone can help please contact me : memodogblog@gmail.com


My name is Yael Hazan; I am a Biology graduate student in the Technion, Israel Institue of Technolgy.
I enjoy working with dogs, with Agility as my main interest. In Israel, the FCI Agility club is a very small one, comprising around 50 people and their dogs. The club meets once a week in the center of the country, near Tel-Aviv. This is the only location where the club practices, which means that people (like myself) that live either in the northern or southern parts of the country have to travel a considerable distance to practice Agility.
Today there is no official Agility group that represents Israel, even though the club is recognized by the Israel Kennel Club and is a club just like any other dog club in the country. In my opinion, the club’s activity is minimal and the individual’s ability to progress is limited. Since this is the only club in Israel there are no weekly, monthly or even yearly competitions and it’s very difficult to develop oneself individually.
In addition to my being a student, I’m the proud owner of a female Australian Shepherd, now eight months old. Since she arrived, at the age of two months, I’ve been working with her daily on basic obedience and preparation exercises for agility, such as teaching contacts, suppleness and leg awareness, attentiveness and concentration.

To achieve my goal in promoting the sport of agility in Israel I would really like to come and practice at your agility center for several weeks, but because of financial constraints I’m also looking for a place for me and my dog in exchange for work. Such work can be daily work in kennel or
with dogs, cleaning or even some sort of secretarial work if necessary.
Would such a position be available for me?

Thank you in advance,

Yael Hazan,


a video about the agility in Israel
The Israeli Dog Training and Agility Club: A2 level exam by Keren Stainmetz & 'Maya' - July 2011
by IsraeliAgilityClub


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