Monday, 28 November 2011

report: Nordisk Mesterskap 2011 4th Nordic Championship in FS and HTM

This weekend was held the 4th Nordic Championship in Freestyle and Heelwork to Music ( Nordisk Mesterskap 2011) .The event was organized by the Norsk Kennel Klub (Norwegian Kennle Club) and the Norsk Freestyleforening (Norwegian Freestyle Association ).The event took place in Lillestrøm , Norway and wass a part of the Dogs4all event. Dogs4all is the largest dog event in 2011 for the Nordic countries.

Saturday , teams results
1st Denmark (Emmy M Simonsen , Anja Christiansen and Helle Larsen)
2nd Finland (Salla Haavisto,Mari Muhonen , Tanja Pekkalainen , Katja Tamminen )
3rd Swden (Erika Johansson, Susann Wastensson , Monica Gudinge , Ulrika Persson )
4th Norway (Anja M. Schüller , Ine Rosland , Merete Kristensen , Jessica Karlgren)

Sunday , Individual results
Heelwork to music
1st Anja Christiansen (DEN)
2nd Helle Larsen (DEN)
3rd Tanja Pekkalainen (FIN)

1st Sini Eriksson (FIN)
2nd Karolina Pettersson (SWE)
3rd Johanna Allanach (DEN)

complete results are here

Marianna Aas og "Vikki"
by Hundendotno

Nordisk mesterskap i kreativ lydighet på DOGS4ALL.
by norgesvaremesse


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