Monday, 7 May 2012

The FMBB 2012 is over. Yesterday was the last day of the competitions ,the day of the finals..The Belgian Mario Verslype is the winner of the FMBB 2012 IPO World Championship ,second Robert Parak and third David Greene .With 533.25 pts Dorothea Seidenschmiedt takes home the first place in Obedience 3.The Austrian team is also the Obedience Teams winner.The German Sebastian Schäfer demonstrated that he's on the top by collecting 335 pts in the mondioring cat3 competition. On the second and third place two Italians Enzo Lateana and Stefano Cetto . Alain Remund and his Malinois Aspen are reconfirmed the FMBB Agility Champions.The second placed was also a French handler Bataille Laetitia with Delight Du Moulin De La Voise. A superb 3rd and 4th place for the Norway with Jan Egil Eide and Jenni Lehtinen . The best Finnish handlers were Iida Vakkuri 5th and Juha Orenius 6th with Ninja. The Hungarian Lili Fodor finished 7th with Visszhang Bárd and 14th with Visszhang Amalfi Alex.

Agility final results here
Mondioring final results here
Obedience final results here
IPO final results here

FMBB 2012 protection
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