Sunday, 20 May 2012

RESULTS: HTM & Freestyle WC 2012 Freestyle qualifing day

Yesterday was the second day at the World dog Show in Salzburg and also the second day for the HTM and Freestyle World Championship . Yesterday were selected the 10 best competitors in Freestyle for the Sunday's finals. The Czech Vanda Gregorova has qualified with her Australian Shepherd All That Brandy Gentle Mate in first place with 26,90 points and also with Enrisa Orlen in second place with 26,67 points , Jules O’Dwyer was third.

Qualified for the individual final(out of 42 competitors):

Vanda Gregorova and All That Brandy Gentle Mate, 26,90 points

Vanda Gregorova and Enrisa Orlen, 26,67 points

Jules O’Dwyer and Fjurdyhoeve Flynn, 26,33 points

Thierry Thomas and Ubac du Mas de la Rabeyine, 26,33 points

Galina Chogovadze and Moja Nadezhda Rolly Royce, 25,76 points

Marina Novoselova and Funnnewf Gloria Day, 25,67 points

Alena Smolikova and Dapper Dame Black Chevers, 25,63 points

Olga Kuzina and Tutta Larson, 24,97 points

Michaela Neiglick and Urax Ylva-Li, 24,67 points

Sandrine Muille and Zippy des Supers-Supers, 24,56 points

Team results:

Czech Republic, 79,20 points

Russia, 78,10 points Belgium, 72,99 points

Sweden, 70,47 points France, 67,91 points

Finland, 63,18 points

Denmark, 51,19 points

All the results are here


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