Sunday, 6 May 2012

FMBB 2012 : second day results

The second day of the FMBB 2012 in Rome was amazing. We have witnessed the coronation of the first world champions . In the IPO World Cup 2012 the winner was the German Robert Parak .Robert won the IPO World Cup at the FMBB 2012 with 97 in A , 95 in B e 97 in C. (289pts). The veteran from Belgium Mario Verslype finished in second place the same points ( 97 A, 98B and 94 C) . The third placed is from the USA David Greene 287pts. and 100pts in tracking. Theo Sporrer is fourth with 286pts.
In Agility the United Kingdom are the team Agility 2012 Champions.
And many more results...

IPO World cup results here

agility teams results here

agility individual qualify 2 : agility jumping


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