Monday, 21 May 2012

WC HTM & Freestyle 2012: Final results

The Heelwork to Music and Freestyle World Championship 2012 is over. Yesterday 10 Freestyle and 10 HTM dog and handler teams were competing for the 2 Individual World Championship titles the best routine in Heelwork to Music was made by Thierry Thomas with Ubac from France (52,19pts) . Second placed Katja Taminnen with Border Collie Cabaroo Glacier Gale (50,80pts). Third the Czech Vanda Gregorova with Australian Shepherd All That Brandy Gentle Mate(50,32 points). In the Freestyle we saw again a perfect Thierry Thomas , the other two podium places were filled by Vanda Gregorova and her two dogs , 2nd palced Chihuahua Enrisa Orlen and third Australian Shepherd All That Brandy Gentle Mate. Super congrats to all the competitors expecialy to Vanda Gregorova that was able to manage 3 dogs all weekend and especially today in the finals.

all the results here

Team HTM Gold: Finland
Team HTM Silver: Belgium
Team HTM Bronze: France

Team Freestyle Gold: The Czech Republic
Team Freestyle Silver: Russia
Team Freestyle: Bronze: Belgium


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