Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5 questions with : Kath Hardman

the photo is a courtesy of Kath Hardman 
(5 questions made in january)

name: Kath Hardman
sport: dog dance
country: United Kingdom

Last thing that you do before you go to bed?  
Give my dogs a biscuit each and wish them a Good Night 

Your best and worst competition?   
Best Competition - I have many!   Winning the Freestyle British and International at Crufts with Spice 2008   AND   winning the First  Individual HTM World Championship 2010 with Amber.   And winning many competitions with my first "dancing dog" Ginnie.
The WORST - I guess it was in 2000 when I forgot the button at the top of my costume and I was very nearly exposed when the zip started undoing mid routine!!!!!

Favorite food?   
Chocolate covered marzipan.

When was the last time you went abroad (where/why)?  (janaury)
France - last week - to entertain with my best friend Karen in Nantes at the largest Dog Show in France.

Where do you see yourself in the 2015? 
I hope that I will be healthy and still working well with my dogs and with many true, loyal friends.


Kath Hardman Heelwork To Music Crufts 2011

by bluewyle


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