Friday, 15 April 2011

Who are you?

An article to reflect on, or to lose a little of your time: P

Forget your name, forget your last name, color, religion, friends, your faction, enemies, your country, the clothes and the profession, now what do you answer if I ask who you are? What kind of person are you?
If you are not your bank account and you are not the car you bought, or the motorcycle or boat…
Forget your level of education, there's more than one lesson to be learned outside school. Tell me now who you are. Do you have a lot of degrees and diplomas? But what really matters is the degree of endurance, whether you know how to keep going when you're under pressure.
Who are you?
If you overtrain your dogs and work them too hard
if you buy dogs just for their speed regardless of their nature
if you want only to win on Sunday
if you earn the respect of others only by winning
if you search for events where there is no strong competition so you can win more easily
If you hit your dog when it makes a mistake.

if we take away all this what remains? ...

Competing in order to measure your progress with your dog is great, but doing it only for the purpose of receiving a prize is disappointing for me
If you win (have a good result) then this is a signal that you have worked well during training sessions and that there is a great feeling between you and your dog , but if you use coercion to obtain that, then it no longer makes sense ...
...this is my point of view
Ever wondered why so many people want to be someone,
but almost nobody wants to be himself?
Sometimes I find myself doing interviews with dog trainers who because of their results cannot enter the PRO "category. " But thay have more charisma and personality than many other PROs in Europe. (This does not refer to persons interviewed on MEMO DOG BLOG)
Make your dog happy with all that you do, have fun with your dog as long as you can.


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