Monday, 4 April 2011


This month I have changed a bit the interviews to be published .I have dedicated two interviews with dog trainers that are Almost PRO. One comes from Scotland . he's very year more active and competitive in agility
He's also the founder of the magazine agility zone
The second interview is dedicated to all the rally obedience fanatics with a dog trainer who did talk about she with great success in rally-o.
Like All those who pass the memo dog blog interview section this are also great trainers and dog lovers.
you just need to check memo dog blog every day to know when this interviews will be published :P
I haven't forgot the 5 questions, So i will publish five 5 questions with...(Kath Hardman,Tuomas Oksanen ,Jukka Pätynen ,Petr Fochler and Diego Marchetti).


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